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  1. Try one click on that gradient window, it works for me. If you double click, it wil pop-up for a moment and hide.
  2. Thank you for your replay. I can understand that not all features of SmartObjects are supported, and I'm really glad that simple SmartObjects work. I still think, here is a bug though, pixel layer called "Effect" is displaced even if I move it out from SmartObiect (but for this problem I found a fix: I simply copied that 3 "Effect" layers from file opened without SmartObjects support). Bigger problem is that perspective is also slightly changed, compared to normally opened file (and maker's sample). But to be honest, I appreciate this functin, it is always better than no support at all.
  3. Hi, I just updated to 1.8, and have some observations. When opening PSD mockup containing more complicated smart object, there is an issue with some layers alignment. When opening the same file without smart object support, those layers are aligned. For example, this is what happens with mockup from ZippyPixels, https://zippypixels.com/product/mockups/apparel/free-crewneck-sweatshirt-mockup/ Layer called "effect", inside smart object is completely misaligned, and design area is also not perfectly correct. Simple smart objects seems to work well.
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