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  1. I've started working on a iOS UI design and observed a dubios behaviour of the iOS UI Assets. For example: Let's say I want to make a UI for something and I create an artboard. Best practice dictates that it's better to work from 1x and scale when exporting. Say I want to drag a UI component from assets, it's always rendered in 2x, instead of 1x. This is bad. As it means I have to break it up, rescale and reposition everything, and then use it. Would it not be possible for the assets to be resolution dependent or to the very least, be able to give to the option to select what set of assets you want ? 3x,2x or 1x, depending on you design method ?
  2. If I want to construct an icon and need to cut away one line from a polygon to be left with an open path, I'm unable to do so, or if it's possible, it's really not obvious to the user. Either have "Scissors" tool similar to what sketch has, it's super useful!, or give the user the possibility to open up a path either by selecting the piece he wants to delete, or by providing a tool to do so. The grid tool is not really accurate if working with pixels. Again, not sure why. Would benefit of some improvement. Already using Affinity for UI design. It's a tad difficult to readjust to it coming from sketch, but I'm determined. I'm having trouble with snapping though. even if the snapping is accurate in terms of position, it's not in terms of pixels. You still get odd-numbered shapes. Even with the pixel snapping activated. Not sure why.
  3. What happened to this feature ? I don't see it in export any longer. Was it removed ? If so, why ? EDIT: Nevermind. Found it It was moved.
  4. Pretty please, also include some interactions & animations to build the prototype & include the preview-er into the phone app you guys are working on ! It would be top stuff ! :D No more principal, no more flinto... one tool ! Stuff of dreams !
  5. I've seen Grade. I'm actually talking about the native look and feel. There's lots of custom UI kits to go around, but having a really native one already built in would make things so much easier. Rather to have to import it and do everything by hand, if it's there and you're just opening it and drag-droping on your design, or heck, even better, include a UI assets library from the start, that would make prototyping stuff faster and more efficient. EDIT: My bad. Found the assets. :) Why not include Android UI, iOS and Android icon templates here too ? It just makes sense and it's hella useful !
  6. I've just gotten Affinity and the biggest thing I'm missing from sketch, and kind to think of it, pretty much the only thing holding me back from switching over completely is the lack of a ui template built into the app. You could work than into a UI Design persona, which would then allow for this to show up in the file menu. Something like New from Template > iOS UI Template, iOS Icon Template, Android UI Template, Android icon template. What I'd also love for it to do is allow for script-supported batch processing. Ideally javascript, but I'd be ok with python too. Also, if you'd throw in a free/purchaseable viewer for iOS and Android, that would be sweet ! Something to allow for the design to be mirror-able to the phone so I could check out the design live. Ideally that client would incorporate some of Bjango's cool features like being able to colorproof for all 4 types of colorblindness and ideally short-sighted-ness too. Keep rocking guys !! :D
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