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  1. Hey guys, in case someone is doing mindmaps with Affinity, like I am, these might come in handy. Arrows, pointers, actions, terminators/buttons, forms and boolean operators. mindmapping.afassets
  2. Hi Guys, It's been quite a while since you launched Affinity and I've been using it on a regular basis, however, I'm not happy about the fact that I need to use a third party app like bjango's skala for mirroring active artboards to the phone, so I'm thinking of creating a specialized tool for this. However, as with many other tools, I'd need some info wrt API or any means of background communication with Affinity to show said artboards. As of right now, I don't know of any such ways. please adivse. Cheers, Sorin
  3. I used the living daylights out of it. Doing perfect circles or projection was awesome ! I miss that so sorely !
  4. Really Awful crash while using Booleans. Is this a known issue ?
  5. Would be nice to get features from Lazy Nezumi like parlell lines and projection. that would really rock my boat ! I was extremly disappointed to have lost the possibility to work with Lazy Nezumi once I ditched Windows and went for mac, so having similar features right out of the box would be super awesome. Not to mention it would attract lots of budding or seasoned concept artists to Affinity Designer/Photo.
  6. That doesn't entirely fix the issue, especially for sketching. That stabilization is good for inking and illustration. IDK, it's good, but the polygon look still needs to be adressed IMO
  7. Hi Guys, Looked over the forum to see if there was a report for something similar. I came across this while trying out some brushes in AD. I'm sure it's not the driver or the tablet, but I'm not sure if this issue is limited to only the pixel persona of AD or extends over to AP as well, you'll have to see. For evidence, please see one of my examples attached. The issue is that the brushstroke path looks like it's been composed out of polygons instead of a smooth freehand curve.
  8. darn :( now i'm bummed that I missed out on it when it was part of one of your betas. however, if it does become available, even for slight testing, pretty pretty please include me into that alpha/beta phase. I'd love to help you guys out bring out the best possible Adobe Killer. :)
  9. I've been working with affinity for the better part of ±4 months now (i think?), and I'd love to know when the prototyping feature will be up for trial. I'm kind of tired of using skala + continuous export as it's quite a hack and freezes up the computer a lot, even with 16 gigs of RAM. I'd love to see how Affinity's tool is looking/working and give some help to shape it. Is there any way to get my hands on it ?
  10. Noticed that the continuous export is strring up trouble on my machine. Each time I have it activated, it sometimes freezes the system. No es bueno, as they say. Did someone benchmark/betatest this feature properly ? It's insanely awesome, but at the same time, it eats resources like crazy. I think people should be able to configure how often it should export. every second is just not feasible at all. Even on a 16 Gb crazy good MBP. Also, is there an ETA on that prototyping feature ? I'd love to see it in action and be rid of this bjango-continous export-nonsense that I have to use.
  11. So cool. So much inspiration and talent. :) And good on you for choosing Affinity. It won't let you down ! :D
  12. As the title implies, i think this would be highly necessary. Especially for UI design where you handle lots of slices at once.
  13. You should try putting them up on threadless ! they might just make the cut and end up as tshirts
  14. Working on a redesign of an app in my company, and I wanted to experiment with Affinity Designer. Having had worked with both Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Affinity was the right amount of "strange" I needed. Right between Ps and Ai, with bits of Sketch, it's exactly what I need. I got accustomed to the snapping, and it's a joy to do UI design with it. Especially with Artboards. Very very easy. I'm a bit miffed with the occasional crashes from various sources, but those are going to be history once the beta goes MP and gets released. I've also tested Flinto, Pixate and Principle in parallell with Affinity Designer, and I settled on Principle. Flinto is simply too primitive and has issues with element positioning. Quite the odd UX they got. not a fan. Pixate is a bit complicated and just doesn't cut it in terms of more complicated stuff. Having said that, Principle is still not the best, lacking timelined animation & interaction. What I wanted to see was something along the lines of After Effects Timeline animation but for individual elements, adjustable timeline lenght, etc. I would've wanted to be able to stopwatch parameters of properties and be able to change them (create keyframes in the process). Alas, no. The principle phone client is really primitive. No wireless sharing, you have to be connected. Eugh ! Unfortunately I cannot give more info about the project, nor can I post more screens, because I'd then be in deep trouble. Cheers.
  15. Looking at the large picture something strikes me as odd. I've been doing photomanipulations, photo retouching and photography alongside UI since 2005 and it looks like there is a upscaled image of a tiger you painted over. Is it true or am I wrong ? It can't be filters, and it can't be the brush. The places where you used a brush are quite obvious. And it looks like you also overlayed a smaller res-texture on top, which is what confuses my eyes if the tiger was 100% hand painted. :)
  16. After working with AD to export stuff for a mobile app, I came to the conclusion this would be a must. It's really difficult to navigate between lots of different things and not be able to organize them, and so it would be cool to have: 1. Layer/Export item color coding (like ps) 2. Export item grouping, to keep things tidy. setting a "Path" variable on this could be cool because it would allow for all items in this group to be exported in the path specified in the variable, without having to resort to "funky naming" like "mainfolder/subfolder"
  17. it doesn't. just tried it out. Looks like it's stable. When are you guys releasing the beta ?
  18. I want that book soooo bad. Hope my company will buy it for me.. :wub: If not, I know what I'll have on my christmas gift list !!
  19. It was pixels, as you might've guessed. :)) Nobody's as insane as to try sizes like that. Although, now that you mention it, being able to design 16m canvases within Affinity Designer wouldn't be bad at all ! Thanks for the nice tips ! I'll keep them in mind !
  20. Well, in that case, it really needs a better name :)))
  21. I've attached a SS of the Affinity photo toolbar. I don't see any eyedropper tool. Also, on the normal one, It's soooo frustrating that the color doesn't get applied to the active color as soon as you pick it. And yes, Paolo is right with the alt-click color picker, it doesn't give me any visual feedback on where I pick from, and is sometimes stuck, as in in continuous pick mode. (not sure why) @Paolo: Thanks for the kind words. Somehow I always end up painting more manlier pics... ugh ! :)) The person in the portrait is a portuguese actress/singer, Lucia Moniz I was working at 7500 something at 300 dpi and wanted to do a brushtroke with one of your brushes... it lagged like hell.
  22. I hope that Publisher doesn't get rush-published. I'd rather have a solid, reliable and dependable app over something half-done, which is what Bohemian Coding and Adobe have been doing. It's the main reason I'm in the process of moving away from Sketch, and the main reason why I also moved away from Adobe. I'm going to buy Publisher and if the Affinity team ever decide to make a video-editing (montage and effects persona) app, I'm DEFINITELY buying that too. As for features, I too think that some features should not be cross-app, mostly due to the fact that it would cannibalize into the sales of the other products. Of course, as a customer, I don't mind at all. I think it's awesome !
  23. I've gotta say I bought Paolo Limoncelli's DAUB brushes, and they were worth it. Love them to bits, love AP too, though it still feels sluggish with large images on a 16 GB Macbook pro, which isn't that awesome. But nevertheless, pretty cool ! Somehow though I feel as if AD's pixel persona is better at digital painting than AP's. Probably because AP has no eyedropper tool. Also, the alt-click colorpicker doesn't feel great at all... needs some polishing. Anyways, bickering aside, here's what I managed to create. :) It's not really great, but I did learn some stuff doing it, since I didn't skip the initial "construction" phase of drawing lines and marking proportions. I'm trying to learn digital paiting for some time now, and somehow I've got problems because I always end up comparing myself with people who've been at it for years. It's stupid, but It's the only way I know how to scale, and because I think it helps me get better faster. The downside is that I always feel bad about what I do.
  24. Being able to paste any layer into the mask to give it a custom look is a must honestly. Especially useful for photomanipulators that need to work flexibly.
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