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  1. I need the "painting brushes". I went through all this before with a previous update. Why do you think the older brushes are obsolete when people like me still use them? Am I to assume that you have removed them from Designer as well?
  2. Since updating to 1.8 many of the brushes have disappeared including the paint brushes I use most often. This has happened with previous updates and I don't know why you insist on removing brushes. Is it possible to go back to the previous version? I also need to know if the paint brushes have also been removed from Affinity Designer before I update it.
  3. Chris, sorry for the delay, Rosie got involved in a project that took longer than planned. Both Photo and Designer are working fine with the files that you sent. I did notice that the Propcol files were missing, I have no idea what happened. Thank you very much for your help, Stewart
  4. Chris, Thank you. I'm sorry for the delay. I found the folders Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer at: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Resources\Affinity Photo and C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Resources\Affinity Designer I have so far copied the two folders from my system which I've attached. As you will see there are some files missing. Whenever I do an install I disable the AV so it is not going to be that that has caused a problem. I have replace the folder in Photo with the one you sent me and Rosie will look at how things are working tomorrow. If it is OK then I will do the same to Designer. Stewart Affinity Designer.zip Affinity Photo.zip
  5. AH, I take it you are now talking about Designer vice Photo. You do need to be clear. What do you mean "in a way"? OK, re-installed it. Same results. Screen shots and propcol files attached. Just send me the propcol files as they should be and all (well most things) will be right with the world. Screen_shots_and_propcol_files.zip
  6. Rosie's IT dept (Stewart) here. Well, we tried that on both Designer and Photo. In both cases, the software does generate a new raster_brushes.propcol files but it would appear to be empty (that is it is very small and the brushes do not appear). By the way, I did not delete the file , just changed its name, so it was not too annoying. This is usually the best way to proceed as it eliminates one giant leap backwards. Now, if you could send me the *.propcol files (both raster and vector) I can use those. You could also send me the individual brush files but installing those one at a time may cause me to take someones name in vain!
  7. Nothing is showing in the drop down menu except for the brushes I downloaded after the update so I could get on with my work. I tried resetting the brushes as you suggested but the brushes are still not there.
  8. I know that the older brushes were excluded from 1.7.1. I have no idea why you would exclude brushes with an update. I did the next update, and every brush was gone. Where is an answer from Serif?
  9. All brushes. The update before this one. Don't recall the numbers. I do all the updates as I get them. Why should that make a difference?
  10. I will try that later Alfred. I have imported some brushes to work with at the moment. I am on a deadline and don't really have time to mess around at the moment. Bit annoyed I must say.
  11. Installed the update and all the brushes have disappeared. I have Windows 7
  12. Thank you for responding. I have them now.
  13. Since upgrading to 1.7 all the brushes under Painting are no longer there. As these are the brushes I use all the time this has rendered Affinity Design virtually useless to me. Why have you not included them?
  14. Downloaded Chrome and tried it but still no luck. Thanks for your help anyway. :)
  15. Thank you so much. and congratulations on the launch. Can't wait to get my copy of this fantastic software. :) :)
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