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  1. Try ColorSchemer Studio from www.colorschemer.com. It's what I use and imports and exports ASE files, as well as CLR which you can then import into Apple Colour Picker.
  2. 1) Hmm… if I understand you correctly, just uncheck the box in the bottom lefthand corner where is says Show This Panel on Startup. 2) click the Follow this Topic Button top right of this Screen. You'll get an email when someone replies to this topic.
  3. I have my Pantone swatches loaded in Apple Color Picker. They are available in Affinity Designer when you click the Color's Dropdown bar. Have to remember how to do this because it has been ages since since I did it orginally for the programme IDraw.
  4. 1) Simply export as a PDF or EPS and supply that instead of the AI file. 2) Open either PDF or EPS in Illustrator and re-save as an AI file. Of course this all depends on what effects you've done in AD.
  5. Ditched Adobe over a year ago. Using the following: Image Editing; Acorn, Pixelmator and Affinity Photo Beta — Illustration; Ivinci, Idraw and Affinity Designer — Publishing; QuarkXpress 10.5. — Web Design; Pinegrow Web Designer and BBEdit.
  6. iVinci - Vector Design has a Live Trace Tool and it's available for Mac App Store. Here's a demo on YouTube Not sure how useful this would be in a workflow though. You can't copy from IVinci into Affinity Designer and the export options are limited unless you have the professional version. UPDATE: IVINCI'S native file format is SVG so it just a matter of dragging the traced document onto the Affinity Designer Dock Icon. Note: They also have a standalone app called iTrace which exports to SVG and PDF. Slightly more expensive.
  7. Yes, everything about it. Too slow, could not move from page to page easily. Zero tolerance for apps like this. Simple PDF is the way to go.
  8. Hi Guys Could we please have it available as a PDF also? That would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Have noticed that when I open a PDF (All text) and check the document properties the DPI is reported at 72DPI. Upon changing the DPI to 300 the text box shrinks, while the physical page size remains the same? Creating a new Print document (300 DPI) and pasting the text box results in the same thing, the box shrinks. This happens in both the latest Beta and App Store release. Any ideas? G&AE Vol 42 69a.pdf
  10. Fully against this, not everyone wants stuff they don't need. Keep the three programs separate and lean. Thanks.
  11. Fantastic! Set it as my desktop background on my smaller second monitor.
  12. Not sure what your are trying to achieve, but in Pixel Persona you can use any of the Marquee tools to select an area of an image and copy and paste. Best advice though is to crop the image before you place it in Affinity. Note: You can switch back to Draw Persona and use the newly created image.
  13. Open the Layers palette and click on the layer named Mask (make sure you click the Mask icon or you will select both layers) and hit the delete button or drag the layer to the trash.
  14. No problem, here is the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26436186/Project1.pdf
  15. Have noticed that when I export a page from Quarkxpress 10.5 as a High Res PDF with crop marks and bring the PDF into Affinity it always sits off the page to the top and left, not at 0,0 etc. Does Affinity have a problem recognising the PDF with crops? It would seem so as a normal PDF with no crops imports properly and sits at 0,0. Can this be rectified in a future release?
  16. Ok, what's the popup menu titled Curve do? You get it when you hold CMD and right click on an object. Actually you get Curve for a circle and Rectangle for a box etc.
  17. Could be a bug. I switched from Vector to Pixel mode a moment ago and was no longer able to select a box filled with a gradient, however I could select a Text Box, switching modes back and forth solved the problem.
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