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  1. Thanks again . . .First let me say I am technically challenged, so I'm not all that sophisticated with this topic. . . I don't want to get hung up on the whole idea of "Auto Tracing" . . or having to get a tracing tool . . . All I want to do is turn jpeg, Giff, psd etc. formats into EPS vector art. I don't care how it gets done whether it's an auto-tracing tool or whatever . . as long as I can take in raster based graphics and logos (like jpeg) and turn out vector EPS files . . . Therefore my question is this . . Even though Affinity Designer does not have an automatic tracing tool, can it still allow me to scan in raster based art like jpeg and convert it into vector EPS art which I can export ? Also what does "open source" mean? You say Inkscape is an "open source" vector app which includes an automatic tracing function. Lastly (and I am reading between the lines here) can I conclude that the word "Tracing" is the whole key to what I need done? In the science of graphic arts software "Tracing" is the only way any app (no matter who is selling it) any app can do what I need to be done in converting raster art to Vector EPS art? Thank you again. You have been most helpful to a newbie in this area.
  2. Moderator: Thank you for your reply. I have two follow up questions . . . . You mention I'd have to go to third party software. I'm looking for something less expensive than Adobe Illustrator . . . Do you have any suggestions?. I have a Mac so it would have to be a program that is compatible with the Apple world. The second question is this . . . You mentioned Affinity Designer is working on creating this tool. Do you have any rough estimate on when you might offer it? Is it possible you might have it later this year . . later in 2015? Or is it more a wish list kind of thing that is farther into the future like in the next few years?
  3. I need to be able to convert raster art and convert it into vector art in an EPS format. I need to be able to take in jpeg, giff, psd, pdf and other traditional raster art formats and convert and export the art into a vector art EPS format. My clients need to put their logo on pens, cups and other things. Accordingly it is important that I can supply them with vector art. I know this can be done in Adobe Illustrator. They have an Auto Trace option that works well. My question is . . . Can this be done with Affinity Designer? Thank you for your help in this matter.
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