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  1. Alan9940

    Apply Saved Presets

    Ah, THANK YOU!! That just wasn't obvious to me at all.
  2. On AP iPad, I see that I can hit the "+" sign in an adjustment to save a preset, but how do I apply that saved preset to another image? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just don't see any obvious way to select a saved preset.
  3. Alan9940

    Copy layer mask

    Never mind. I was scouring through many posts from a search I did last night on these forums, and I found some bits-n-pieces of info that helped me figure it out.
  4. Is it possible in AP iPad to copy a layer mask from one layer to another? I tried using the PasteBoard options with the layer mask selected, but either that's not the way you do it or I was doing it wrong. Thanks for any help provided.
  5. Alan9940

    16-bit file support

    Update: I've now discovered that 16-bit PNG works just fine. Hmm...very strange!
  6. Hello all, The latest version of AP for iPad doesn't seem to support 16-bit TIFF files. I tried importing one from the cloud and all I get is a block of transparency; no image. I've tried to find out what bit depth AP for iPad can handle, but no luck. Does anybody know for sure? Also, an unrelated question... In files.app I see a folder called "Photo" which I can export a file to from another app. But, this must be something different from "Photos" inside AP because when I select "Import from Photos" it doesn't see the file I just put in the "Photo" folder. Is there any way to export a file from one app, then open in AP without using the cloud? Thank you for any insight provided.
  7. Thanks for your help and suggestions. My printer driver--Epson R2880--though it will allow an N-up page layout style, still doesn't allow me to position the image on the page. Hey, it was worth a shot. I'll just use other software for printing this image.
  8. I did not define a new document. It's an image I opened and is 2700 x 1567 pixels that I usually print first on the top-half of a page, then on the bottom-half. In PS, I can simply drag the image in the print setup to the top or bottom half of the page; 8.5x11 page size, standard portrait orientation. I suppose I could create a new document with pixel dimensions of 8.5x11, then drag and position the image on this new document (as you've suggested), but what a PITA. I'm surprised this isn't easier in AP.
  9. I cannot find any way to specify that I want the image to print not centered. Does AP just assume that all images should be printed in the center of the printable area?
  10. Coincidentally, I just asked about doing this very thing earlier today. I tried your method and it works great! Certainly not as easy as simply dragging the mask between layers, a la PS, but I can live with it. Thanks for the tip!!
  11. I found a thread from over 2 years ago where it was stated that you cannot copy a mask from one layer to another. Is this still true? If yes, what is your workflow for multiple layers where you want to use the same mask? I've been dragging additional adjustment layers as child layers to the original masked adjustment layer. Is this the best or only way to accomplish this need?
  12. AP does reveal a slightly larger converted image size than, for example, ACR (PS); 4920x3276 vs 4912x3264, respectively. Thinking that wasn't enough of a difference to really mean anything, once it was opened in AP I did an absolute dimensions crop to 4912x3264; no appreciable difference in the end result. The funny looking "flares" are still there. What's even stranger is that this phenomenon occurs on only a couple files from the same shoot, camera, lens, etc. i have developed several other files shot around the same time / same day, all with blue sky, and this oddity doesn't reveal itself! Very weird!!
  13. Running the latest version of AP on Windows 10 and I've noticed a very strange anomaly with my NEX-6 raw files from the 16-50 kit lens; especially with files having a blue sky. I'm seeing what looks like small lens flares in the upper left and upper right corners. See attached. I've opened this same file in both PS and Capture One Pro and neither reveals this oddity. I tried turning lens correction on/off in AP, but that doesn't change anything. Anybody have any ideas what's going on here? Thank you.
  14. Alan9940

    Colorperfect Plugin Support

    Please add my vote for ColorPerfect plugin support! No clue what, if any, licensing issues are involved to fully implement support for PS API, but if a third-party developer such as the brothers that created PhotoLine can do it why can't Serif provide a full implementation? My guess is that it's a question of resources and development time. That said, however, if we had full implementation then any PS plugin could be used in AP. Hey, I can dream...
  15. Never mind...I figured it out. The Develop Persona opens because the file has no profile associated with it. I opened a test file in PS assigning GG 2.2, and then saved it. Opening that saved file into AP goes straight into the Photo Persona; not that any of this matters because the ColorPerfect plugin crashes AP.