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  1. There is no "delay" -- when Publisher cane out in the summer, Serif announced that the iPad version is planned for next year. As we don't have next year yet, everything is as scheduled.
  2. They have exactly the same features (and files are compatible), some of the programming related behind-the-scenes stuff is slightly different though and according to different user interface guidelines some things are in different menus (e.g. the "About Software" screen is in the help menu on Windows and in the Apple-menu on macOS) -- but generally speaking the two editions are identical.
  3. Thanks for fixing "my" copy and paste bug.
  4. I was talking about no. 3) and you do mention indents there.
  5. Jens Krebs

    How far away is the next round of betas?

    Thanks, Patrick. No annoyed Joachim, just a bit amused.
  6. No 2) is in my opinion just as is should be ... when I enter an indent, I want this indent for every line in the paragraph. In case i want to have something else for the first line, I can adjust this value manually. I personally would go mad if I had to enter two numbers (first line AND rest of paragraph) everytime I wanted to move the whole text.
  7. Yes, tables cannot flow from one page to the next. Depending on what you need, you can potentially use tabs and text decorations (lines) in normal text frames instead, to achieve your result.
  8. Jens Krebs

    How far away is the next round of betas?

    Ooops, didn't see that ... was actually wondering where the quote came from because it's not from my question. Just now realised it's the title ... fixed now. And my answer with the garden .... that would have been a GREAT reply, had I realised what was happening. I'll just pretend I did,. Let's consider me witty and clever and move on ...
  9. Jens Krebs

    How far away is the next round of betas?

    What's indecent about the question? I'm not trying to rush anyone, just have some spare time coming up towards the end of next week and was wondering if I could fill it with giving a new Publisher beta a spin or if I should plan a nice day in London and/or the garden ...
  10. Hi, does anyone know when the next round of betas is going to start?
  11. Thanks, Jon. If I had to guess, I'd say it has to do with a confusion between page 1 of the document and page 1 of the section ... but haven't touched Publisher again as I have deadlines coming up.
  12. Thanks, I believe I copied it the wrong way, then ... I normally select it with the move tool (need just the image / graphic) for copying and then insert it with the text tool at the position I want it pinned to. Need to adjust my workflow … How did you find out how to do this, is it explained in the help file?