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  1. Since everything that is in a beta can potentially change, it's not worth putting any time and effort in promoting or explaining it. I'm sure there is going to be more detailed information when the software is publicly released, maybe even with video tutorials.
  2. Go to the main menu, click on "My account ..." to open it again. Once you are logged in you can select which "packs" you want to install or remove from your computer. At the moment there is nothing to do but to install and remove this one brush set, but I'm sure it'll get more useful, once all the kinks are ironed out and it's released publicly. Currently there's no documentation or explanation, but given the limited functionality (log in, log out, install one brush set, remove one brush set), I think we don't need one yet.
  3. Done. I've also quickly checked with the current beta (.850) and it still crashes. The expression I have searched for is <.+?> (not * as in my original post, that's a typo).
  4. Character and Paragraph Styles are independent in Publisher, it's possible that this character properties were applied to the cursor / empty text frame and before you pasted your text and then were taken over for some reason (applying a paragraph style won't delete character style properties). Walt is right though, this is just guesswork, a sample file or screenshot would take us further faster.
  5. Check if you accidentally applied a character style too (that is an annoying thing in InDesign that happens to me all the time, have not seen something similar in AP though).
  6. Find and replace seems to be a bit of an issue, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't in between betas (if you look through my posts, you'll see several find/replace issues I discovered during the past few weeks). I have tested your file in beta .850 and for me looking for two blanc spaces seems to work (10 results, including the instance you mention, see screenshot).
  7. There is a UI font size setting in the "User Interface" panel of the Preferences:
  8. Clicking "replace all" in the "Find and Replace" panel crashes the app when there is too many results. I am working on a 20 page XML file and have tried removing all HTML/XML code by searching for the regular expression "<.*?>" and replacing it with "nothing" -- the results are somewhere in the thousands. When I use above expression and click on "replace all" the app reliably crashes, when I find and replace single commands first to reduce the amount of results (e.g. <div> and </div>), the regular expression works afterwards, so I conclude that the app only crashes when it's too many results / operations. I have used the workaround above (reducing results) but have kept the original file -- it's confidential, but if it's of any use I can upload it for inspection.
  9. The day one compatibility with the new Apple computers and Big Sur is a fantastic surprise! Great work!!
  10. Wow, that's a lot of new stuff! Thanks, going to play with it this weekend!
  11. .joboptions is a file that contains settings for creating PDF files (resolution, colour space, which colour profile to use, cropmark settings, bleed ...) -- some printers prefer sending such a settings file to walking customers through questions or giving them a long description of what they need.
  12. Hi Old Bruce, that's a nice workaround, still would be nice to have it as a feature.
  13. Hi, it would be nice if it was possible to only align the first line of a paragraph with the baseline geid (use case: Headlines and quotes that need a line height that is different than the baseline grid).
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