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  1. For me it took 48 hours for the discount code to come through (I also had to fill the form twice because something went wrong on page 2). Different question though @Patrick Connor: Would you recommend to keep the disount code until late August just in case ... y'now ... something new pops up in the store, or would you say it won't make a difference?
  2. @lacerto While this is great (I almost want to say ingenious), it feels a bit over-engineered in this case (500 products, appx. 100 pages) -- I almost think it would be better to data merge only once (maybe even just import tagged text?) and later add changes manually. The document and text flow are set up in a way that makes this relatively simple to manage as far as the screenshots can tell. Anyways, lets see what route @AndresHoll wants to go down.
  3. The screen shot shows that the index contains only "product name Page x" and SEPERATELY "product number Page X", so clients can look up EITHER the name or the number and find the page the product is on. In your case, @Old Bruce, the index won't work, but it would work to create something as shown in @AndresHolls screenshot.
  4. It looks as if the line height is derermined somehow by the image size -- if you set the lines seperately (as lines, not frame borders) on your master page, they should fit. You also need to find a way to position the images centered in the image frame, but not resize the image frame to the content -- should not be too big a job if you set the image frame properties. Index: Assign an individual text / character style to the products numbers and use "Tanle of Contents" instead of Index. I'm currently out but happy to take a look at the images frames tonight if you upload the open Publisher file of one page of the catalogue (don't worry about including the images, linked with image previews is fine) and see what the exact issue is.
  5. What you have there looks quite well thought through; Especially pinning the images is a good idea. If I see this correctly, you can simply add new products by hitting enter anywhere and start typing the new products name with the according text style, thus moving everything that follows one frame / page up. When you say that sometimes the image scale changes, are you referring to existing images or to the new product image not being placed in the correct size? The second one can be corrected by setting up one image frame with the correct settings and then saving it as "Asset"; Alternatively you can copy an existing image frame rather than creating a new one and replace the existing picture? There is also a "Data Merge" feature which could help you populating your catalogue from a spreadsheet -- either just the first time, or, in case prodcut data changes regularly, it might even be easier to re-create the catalogue every few weeks rather than chaning it manually -- take a look at this tutorial to get an idea on how it works: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/494072789/
  6. No. There are several threads in this forum with similar questions and @Patrick Connor posted that the current silence indicates that they are working on something big -- he also says that he is not allowed to talk about what this is and when we can expect more details. Many here in the forums believe that the programmers are preparing version 2 of all three apps and that Serif might be close to a release (together with Publisher for iPad) "later this summer". But again: No one knows and there is no official info other than that work continues at its usual pace. For more info, just search the forums for "news beta" or "next update".
  7. In my opinion this one's on you -- in which way and format you hand over your work to the client / customer is usually discussed before starting work. I you agree with the customer to hand over 'original files' (which is unusual anyway), you simply hand over whatever you have, if you specifically agree to send them InDesign files and consciously work with a software you know is not compatible, that is your problem. My suggestion is to tell them that you did not work in InDesign, apologise, send them the Affinity files and throw in a license for Publiaher free of charge so they can open and work with your files. Next time, use InDesign, when the customer insists on getting InDesign files. Many people, by the way, use 'InDesign' as a placeholder for 'design software' (well done, Adobes marketing team!), many non prpfessionals think InDesign is the only software on the market (again, well done Adobe marketing team!), lastly someone might say 'original files' but mean 'InDesign files' because they assume that's what you use -- when talking to a client, always make sure you are talking about the same thing to avoid misunderstandings. No other professional design aoftware exports into a competitors format -- you cannot save a Quark file from InDesign. Reason for this is that the set up of ntive files is not published and considered a trade secret if you will. Also the slightly different feature sets make it impossible to transfer files with 100% accuracy.
  8. Both links don't work -- please see attached a video showing the homepage as well as the circular icon in the forum footer. I have also tried entering the Twitter website with a backslash and typing "affinitybyserif" manually with the same negative result. Sorry for the large video (60 MB) ... will downscale in the future. screenshot_ 2022-06-28 at 14.13.02.mov
  9. Hope, this is the correct forum for this: I have noticed that the Twitter links on the website stopped working -- when clicking on them, Twitter claims that the account "affinitybyserif" does not exist (see screenshot). I like the poodle and all, but was actually hoping to see some stuff about graphic design software and such ...
  10. Maybe I'm just to stupid or missing something, but it works fine for me -- it's one single line of text (099 sale). When the text box is to small to hold the two 00s and the word sale (see screenshot) the line breaks because of the space between "00" and "sale". When the price has two digits in front, the marked section in the screenshot needs to be set to "2" instead of "1". Another way would be to use "inital words" which could theoretically also steer the colour of the word "sale". I would set everything up with styles (e.g. for setting the word SALE one point higher, just haven't done it in my sample) and also ,pin' the text box with the price to the description. Setting the price text frame to "centered" (Pinning settings) results in the box automatically centering in the text frame when it's pulled larger to fit the longer price.
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