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  1. Jens Krebs

    Moving artboards REALLY slow

    Solved ... I saved it with "save as" in the previous to last beta, works fine now. Must have been something dragged over from older betas.
  2. Jens Krebs

    Moving artboards REALLY slow

    Thanks Matt, mail goes out in 15 minutes.
  3. Besides Music Publishing: Embedded fonts (not only in PDF but also the orinigal artwork file) would help significantly when moving documents inbetween computers, in my personal case, when starting work on my Mac and continuing on the iPad -- it's quite a job finding all fonts and installing them on the iPad before heading out.
  4. Hi, I have a file with six different artboards (between business card size and A4) and when I move the artboards around I get the coloured circle spinning for a good minute and a half before artboards are moved. I guess this is caused by a combination of having snapping turned on and one of the artboards (a notepad) containing a pattern of around 500 small ellipses (when I remove the ellipsis, moving artboards works fine). I know that that is a high object count and would accept it not being as smooth as usual, but in my opinion, Designer shouldn't stop and show the wheel of death. Happy to provide the file to the development team, but need a link / upload as it's confidential work.
  5. Export settings, dropdown, select PAGES (single pages) or SPREADS (double pages)
  6. Jens Krebs

    HKS colour systems

    Thanks for the work!!
  7. Jens Krebs

    Corel draw is back on the Mac!

    www.coreldraw.com Not sure if this is the right place to discuss ... but ... well, title says it all. Can't actually believe it and would LOVE to give it a spin, but don't habe access to my computer for a week. Corel claims feature parity between Windows and macOS -- can anyone confirm? Anyways ... guess Affinity Designer and Photo have some proper, non-subscription competition now ...
  8. Can confirm. I used to simply copy and paste images from my hard drive into the designs, now I have to drag them from Finder into Designer.
  9. The file formats are compatible and you will be albe to open Publisher files in Designer and vice versa. I assume you won't be able to USE pages in the same, extensive way as in Publisher, but it would be very strange if Serif programmed two different page features, especially considering that they needed to push both in each software to ensure compatibility. Let's wait and see.
  10. No worries, it's a beta and if there weren't any hiccups, something with the beta concept didn't work properly ... just happy you found the issue and fixed it.
  11. I guess the ,pages' will be dealt with too, this is part of Publisher and when all three 1.7th come out at the same time, it needs to be ready in all three applications for compatibility.