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  1. And another big YES from me ... the slightly larger grey square in midst of slightly smaller grey squares is really hard to make out after working on the screen for a couple of hours.
  2. Yes, please! In the latest version(s) these circles and the colour swapper have become almost as ridiculously small as in Adobes software ... putting them right in the tool pallette and separating the two is a GREAT solution!
  3. Hi, I was just browsing the website for QuarkXpress 2017 ( and found that they actually recommend Affinity Photo as an accompanying application for image editing (FAQ section about "other tools for specialist tasks outside the Creative Cloud"). Screenshot attached. :o)
  4. Hurray! Congratulations!!!!
  5. Wow, that was quick ... just installed beta 7 yesterday. Glad, development seems to pick up speed again, now that the biggest iPad issues are solved. :o)
  6. There is no real ,manual' in sense of having a printed everything-you-can-do-with-affinity reference book; The separately offered "Workbook" (available on amazon and directly from Serif), is more a creative tool that shows nice examples and step-by-step guides, showing some real-world ways to use Affinity Designers tools (e.g. what ,creating a fountain fill' can be used to achieve or what is a possible way to work with ,Bolean effects' in practice). If you want a list of all features and explanations on how to use them and what they do, the included help file (Help Menu / Affinity Designer help, don't forget to have a peek in the table of contents, the small hamburger menu in the main help window) is the best way to get this comprehensive information for the exact version of the software you are using. In addition to that, the official video tutorials ( are also kept up to date and teach a lot of interesting stuff. At the speed the software Is evolving, every printed reference book would be out of date as soon as it leaves the printing presses, so, in my opinion the integrated help and regularly updated videos are an ideal combination for learning how to use Designer (and Photo). In addition, you've got this forum where a lot of people (including the actual programmers), hang around, answering questions and help with everything you want to do. :o)
  7. Hi Five, is that the royal ,we' or are you speaking for a group of people in your office / company?
  8. I have just renewed my InDesign subscription for another year ... hopefully for the last time.
  9. Yes, Berthold was great ... a bit like programming HTML and CSS. Loved the "calculate" button, so you could do all your changes, without the layout updating and using memory before you're ready.
  10. I am pretty sure, useless discussions like this are the exact reason, why many companies don't publicly share any internal information and even keep their release notes mostly short and non-descriptive. Please stop arguing about if something is, in your opinion necessary or not, and focus on testing the software and reporting bugs and kinks in this thread. At least open an extra thread for this kind of things, to not clutter this one. Without knowing any details, I am sure, there is a good reason to spent some time on fixing whatever Open GL is -- maybe it's for something else in the pipeline, maybe it's because of the Windows version and maybe it's because the programmers simply want to deliver a software where every single part works. All I read from Matts post is "Instead of giving you any marketing bullshit, I'm being honest and telling you, that I took two weeks of mine time and spend it fixing something that didn't work properly" -- I highly appreciate this open communication and am happy to feel a bit involved into the development and getting actual answers and feedback from people who work on the software I use to earn money with. Haven't seen this kind of openness anywhere else, not even as alpha tester and advisory board member for another software package that I participated in.
  11. iOS has been really strange this time around too ... I didn't have any issues with the last public beta, but since 11 has been released, my phone is acting up in really strange and annoying ways.
  12. There is certainly some competition, not only for Photo but also for Designer (Pxelmator is working on a vector thing, ACDsee is pushing their Draw and there's off course Sketch and Graphic). However, none of the currently existing first versions has convinced and exited me as much as the Affinity suite (can't say anything about the brushes, just use tehm very occasionally). I am a bit wary about Pixelmator Pro though -- their first 'regular' Pixelmator in 2011 was awesome, but since version 2 they have somewhat missed the mark with their UI and intuitiveness. I'm mot counting on this to be really good, despite the advertising looking very polished. The only thing that I'm afraid of, is, that Serif overestimated itself and bites more off than they can chew -- on the other hand, being on macOS AND Windows with 100% compatible files is an important advantage, all direct competitors don't have. I for one will stay with Affinity and support Serif as much as I can (beta testing, purchasing the software, upvoting, following and recommending the programs), because I feel they have the best overall concept of an integrated suite.
  13. Upps ... didn't see the post date. Hopes. Crushed. Still agree with everyone: rather do it right than fast.
  14. MEB, are you aware, that you just spilled a potential timeframe for the Publisher beta?
  15. What about if we all wore "Where is Publisher?" shirts? Seriously: Great that you're so present, cannot attend unfortunately, but wish everyone lots of fun and hope, someone records it and puts it online.