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  1. To be fair, no one could expect it to not be cold and rainy in England in mid-April ...
  2. This feature is actually already built in: select your image in Designer, then go to the main menu and click on "File -- Edit in Photo ..."; Same goes the other way around. On my machine, this doesn't work properly, but most likely because I'm running a beta of macOS. :o)
  3. Me too ... keep my fingers crossed for you guys. You deserve every award available for rewriting an awesome macOS application and keeping all features as well as most of the 'snappiness'.
  4. Not yet, my friend, not yet.
  5. Hi John, I quickly assembled an empty template with the following measurements: A4, trifold, each side 2 pages with 100mm width, 1 page with 97 mm, 3 mm bleed all around. Careful: I have placed (and named) the front page (= dartboard) at the BOTTOM, so that the pages are in the right order when you create a PDF for printing. Also make sure to delete the blue boxes before printing it. When printing, simply select "crop marks" in the PDF settings and make sure that the bleed is included. Hope, this helps. a4_trifold_template.afdesign
  6. Have you used the export persona and created four ,slices' or do you use four artboards cobbled together?
  7. Hurray! Thanks, Tony. :o) And now on to a nice, early beta of 1.7 ...?
  8. Hurray! Thanks, Tony. :o)
  9. Have a look at this:
  10. Here's another converter. Haven't tried it but it looks decent:
  11. Hi, basically, the title says it all: I would like to be able to set a bleed value directly when creating a new document. Currently, I have to create the document and then go to "File" and "Document Setup" to set a bleed.
  12. I'm pretty sure that is something to think about another year (or next decade, from 2020 onwards?), when the software is out of the door and is running stable including macros and scripts on it's own. Just to clarify: This is just an educated guess, not an official answer.
  13. I better hope "childish" is meant as a compliment here, standing for "nice looking and easy to use" ... otherwise read this: Seriously? You are working in graphics / design and don't like a colourful and fun, light looking user interface? I appreciate every bit of colour, fun and lightness I can get in my life ... and when this colour is part of an awesome software I use every day, even better!
  14. Instead of master pages you can create a page-sized symbol (transparent rectangle) and place things there. It won't update your page numbers but might at least be a work-around for graphic elements.
  15. Scrivener is awesome!