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  1. I really liked how Corel Ventura Publisher (yes, I'm old ...) implemented master text frames: Instead of an object on the master page, the "main text frame" that flows through the document was determined by the page margins (you could have different page margins for each page and / or master page, giving you lots of flexibility on how to flow text through a layout in different forms and shapes). First time I used it, it felt a bit like using MS Word, because I couldn't just drag a frame on my master page and use it, but over just a couple of days I really started liking it and stuck with Ventura for about 5 years, until it became clear, that Corel wasn't going to update it any more. This way of having an auto-text frame in the background could probably be added to Publisher without completely reworking the master pages and how they work, because the page margins are independent on a non-existent / non-accessible layer.
  2. As a workaround you could position two page breaks in your text to create an additional empty page (the empty page would then have a text frame with a single emty line in it). Then delete the text frame and lastly remove the empty line and page breaks (text will flow on, but skip the then empty page.
  3. Good to know, that this has already been reported. I ended up changing all commas into # (just comma seems to work?), doing my find-and-replace and then changing the # back ... not ideal, but I got the job done
  4. The Find&Replace dialogue doesn't accept typing in (or copying and pasting) any search terms that include a comma (,).
  5. Use Designer and work with six Artboards and two slices.
  6. I just noticed, that some of my Designer and Photo files get rather large and research in the forums explained that the Affinity file format is optimised for speed, which is absolutely wonderfull (even the large files work great for me). However, it would be nice to have an option to 'save for archiving' concentrating on file size. What I imagine is, that, when I'm finished with a project, instead of clicking on 'Save', I click on 'Save for Archival' and the file is saved slightly differently, optimised for size and not performance. I put this, significantly smaller, file on my backup drive and keep it there. When I need to work on it again and open it, it automatically expands back to 'normal' and works normally fast, until I decide to 'archive' it again. Altenatively this could be an extra tool to download and install — I could drag my Affinity files on a small window to shrink them without changing format or contents and when I open them with whichever app from the range they are expanded again to work faster. Point being: While I'm working on something, I appreciate every little bit of performance optimisation I can get. When a project is done and I back it up, it becomes about size.
  7. Hi, I really like the new, square app icons, would prefer them in different colours with more contrast though -- to me, they look too similar and I can see me constantly starting the wrong app.
  8. Hi, what about an eye with a small star instead of the pupil as symbol for Preview Mode — I like the windshield wiper, but would prefer it for clearing changes and reverting tom original style settings or removing image filters perhaps?
  9. There is a 'Preview' toggle in the view menu, youmcan also add a preview button tomthe toolbar if youmwish — this toggles a print preview without any guidelines on and off.
  10. Jens Krebs

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Nope, not yet ... still just pops a window, explaining that it will work in a later beta. Was worth a try.
  11. Jens Krebs

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanks for the Stock Photo options. Going to install and then click on the "Photo" button in Publisher to see what happens. Like the new, square logo!!
  12. Great thing! Works perfectly on my machine.
  13. Yes, but you still have to create a frame first. Same in Publisher ... when you create a text frame, you can ,auto-flow' it onto the next pages by holding the SHIFT key and clicking on the text flow button. But, again: You have to create a frame first (the thread starter wanted to have a ,page margin' like in Microsoft Word and other software that works without frames).
  14. Hi, when entering any measurements using the numeric keypad, the "comma" key in the numbers block is not accepted as decimal separator for the numbers I enter -- it would be a great timesaver, if I didn't have to hover my hand over to type a "period" from the normal keyboard. Given that I am used to using the numeric keypad, this tiny change could save me HOURS every week (I usually type it in on the numeric keyboard, the decimal point doesn't get recognised, the shapes size is wrong and I have to start over again, using the period key ...).
  15. Betas of Designer and Photo 1.7 that are compatible wirh Publisher (and activate the two personas) are being worked on. Serif has stated that they are going to be out with one of the next Publisher betas. Until that happens, Publisher files will not ve compatible with Designer and Photo (they need a new file format that includes linked text frames, linked images, pages ...).