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  1. Yes, please! Every other DTP software I know works with relative paths, cannot live without this!
  2. Absolutely agree … I'll take that under advise and when the next person asks me, I'll tell them to use MS Paint to work with their PagePlus files. ;o) Just to clarify: This is humorous, don't take my post serious.
  3. Just use Page Plus when you want to work with PagePlus files ... the program ist not updated anymore, but it works perfectly fine as is and will continue to do so. :o)
  4. Hi, Old Bruce, agree on the scrolling — it would be great to click on one of the results and have this result / find highlighted in the document. In regard of the other issue: What about entering some kind off 'command' in the replace field if you want to delete the result? Maybe something code-like like {del-result} or so, something that needs to be clicked or selected on purpose, so that people who do NOT want the found text deleted don't do so by accident? Viable compromise for you? I would go and delete the tags in my sample document, but usually keep all of them in, until I'm done formatting so that I have the chance to re-search in case I need to change something (e.g. accidentally applying the same style to several tags). Post Scriptum Reply: My eyes are 39 years old and thickly glassed — I didn't check all 500 results but quickly scanned the pages to see if the find-replace worked, by sampling some of the results I knew the position of.
  5. Yes, you need to do two steps for that ... wouldn't want to have it any other way though, because sometimes I don't want to delete the searched text but simply use it to identify a paragraph. Besides: My video shows me creating a new document, setting up a master page, importing 200(!) pages of text, creating a paragraph style, assigning the style to about 500 paragraphs AND checking the result in just 1:40 minutes — just sayin'.
  6. Good Morning, I just wanted to record the issue and noticed that the bug seems to have been fixed in the new beta (227) -- attached the video of what I'm doing. What you don't see, is my REALLY surprised face when I scroll down to the third page and realise, that the Find and Replace has actually worked this time (first time out of 20/30 tries). test.mp4
  7. I recommend keeping the old files in Page Plus (it'll run fine for a number of years -- I know someone still running Ventura from 2005 on modern computers for professional work), and simply create all new files in Publisher if you feel you have to stay current -- this way, the issue sorts itself over time.
  8. Why don't you continue using PagePlus?
  9. Thanks, JFisher -- I'll send a file and a video tomorrow; Currently travelling.
  10. - Create new document - Insert text with certain markers (I used a text where every so often a paragraph would start with "40" - Create new Paragraph style (I used one with a background decoration to make it easy to spot in the document) - Open Find & Replace window, search for "40" (as text) and replace with "paragraph style" (instead of entering another text in the replace field - click on 'find' -- all instances are listed --- -- -- -- When I click on one of the found instances, it's not highlighted in the document and the cursor doesn't jump to it When I click 'replace' or 'replace all' nothing happens
  11. I guess that Designer and Photo are being so tightly integrated, that they don't actually START the other applications but simply switch to the tools and allow you to work on objects in you Publisher file as if you were using Designer and Photo (literally being in there as personas) ... so, you would use the Publisher persona button to switch back to the Publisher persona after editing your image or vector graphic.
  12. Hurray to the master text frames! You're the bestest! ❤️❤️❤️ I'll download later, read the long description again and start playing.
  13. The current workflow is this: Create a normal text frame on your first page (not on the master page!) Copy / Paste all your text Hold the SHIFT key and left-click on the little textflow icon in the lower right corner of the your text frame This will continue adding pages with the text flowing in new text frames for as much text as you have copied in the first frame. Be aware though, that you have to change the size / column setting of each frame / page manually if needed -- the text flows through the frames, but the frames stay individual. Even thought this is far from ideal (and far from what I need), this is how it currently is implemented.
  14. Love sybols and they are great in many instances. When you work publishing however (and the application name "Publisher" hints at Serif targeting this market), you need a MUCH more efficient way of working with master pages and a master text frames than touching every page manually --- just imagine textbooks with several hundred or novels with 1.000 or more pages. I'm not saying you cannot do that in Publisher as it is, but when working on such a big book, I will certainly choose an application that can work with this as swiftly and effortlessly as possible so I can spend more time on the actual design work. Again: Symbols are great and work well for the master pages as they are -- the master text frame / main text area is just another standard feature that most people require when working on long documents. How exactly it is implemented doesn't matter as much as that it's there. I'm happy to learn something new and get used to another way of doing things, but I cannot compromise on having the functionality.
  15. Can you stack multiple identical slices and set different export options for each one?