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  1. I'm going to have a look tomorrow, but last time it needed it, it was still there (I remember, because I find the name 'Assistant Manager' very amusing).
  2. Jens Krebs

    Sync Font/Typefaces for Designer

    There is a font menu in the settings and you can import fonts from all the same cloud drives you can use for opening files too ... not really a ,sync' but a solid font installation feature.
  3. Jens Krebs

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Sometimes, stomping off dramatically can be quite fun and satisfying -- as can be sneaking back in loafers later and enjoying the fuss that was made.
  4. No, the beta testing agreement clearly states that the risk of some things not working is the users -- technically, there is no 'need' to update AP until the final version of iOS12 is released in September.
  5. Jens Krebs

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I would still enjoy having Designer and Publisher on my iPad, because for me it would be nice to some small adjustments directly at the customers office or do sketches in the park or garden (using the iPad instead of pen and paper).
  6. 1) You can see and snap to the bleed, when you deactivate the option ´crop to artboard / document´ in the view menu 2) You can set PDF output with bleed and cropmarks in the PDF settings dialog by clicking on ˋmore' and ticking the according boxes 3) You may also ask "How can I ..." instead of "Why can't I ..." -- the first version is more polite and also gives people less chances to troll you with answers like "Because I'm not telling you how" or "Because you are [insert insult]" :o)
  7. If you have a close look at the teaser video, it shows Designer and Photo buttons in the upper left corner. MattP has teased that he's not allowed to say what they do but that it's never been done before and that it's really exciting (this in somewhere in the Affinity Publisher Teasier Video Post) ... so I'm sure there's going to be some REALLY tight integration.
  8. Currently EXISTING. More serious: Watch the teaser video, it shows a couple of things. Otherwise no-one knows what will make the first version yet. Be patient for just a little while longer and all your wonderings will be addressed.
  9. Jens Krebs

    Is there a current beta?

    Currently, there is no beta; Looking on how fantastic the Photo for iPad introduction at WWDC went last year, and considering how quiet the developers currently are, I expect some news on or around the 4th of June.
  10. Jens Krebs

    New beta before WWDC

    That is a very good question. :o)
  11. Maybe the font file is broken or wrongly coded?
  12. Jens Krebs

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    No it isn't. Corel Draw has implemented some features that are similar to things that people need for professional page layout but that's it ... Corel Draw is a great software, but nowhere close to a page layout application. Sorry.
  13. Converting all text to paths takes exactly ONE mouse click in the PDF export settings of Affinity and you don't have to change ANYTHING in your file. Also, please note that I said, that this is not an ideal solution, it was just my attempt to help you with a workaround, until the problem has been resolved.
  14. That's great news -- I really liked Graphics but abandoned it out of principle, when autodesk bought them out.