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  1. It's a bit annoying that the font dropdown drops down BEHIND all open windows and pallets (see screenshot). Having dropdown menu ALWAYS on top would safe me a lot of time I'm currently spending with re-arranging windows. (This is Publisher 1.9.0 on macOS 11.3 beta)
  2. I have just played around with this and can confirm it works ... I have created a new, empty, document with 12.000 pages (why the heck not?) and then placed an image and a page number on the master page. Works just fine, it takes a little while to create the document and to update it though (which is normal, considering the amount of pages ... just mentioning it to make sure people don't give up when they create the document, click "OK" and nothing happens for 20 seconds -- just be patient. ;0).
  3. I‘d create a text file with the numbers 1–xxxx, one number each line (easily done with Excel) and paste it in a textbox on the Master Page with a text style applied that starts a new paragraph always on a new page. Shift-click on the text Flow handle, and, if your computer doesn‘t explode, you‘re done. In case you don‘t need the numbers, delete the text frame from the master page, apply a transparent colour to your text style or delete the text you have pasted. On another note: I don‘t know what you need this for and why, but it might be worth for you to get familiar with the new data merge features.
  4. Firstly, even though this workflow works, it is incredibly tedious and requires another software — working professionally I don‘t have the time and my customers don‘t want to spend the money wasting my time like this when I could just use InDesign, import the original file and recolour it with a single mouse click. Also, you need to consider that the sample above is an artwork and since vectorising is never 100% accurate by doing so you change the artists vision in many subtle ways that may change the aura / impact / energy / personality of the image — an absolute no-go! There are workflows that require 1 Bit images for one reason or another and fact is, that all three Affinity products are currently not suitable when you need to work with this kind of images. I think it is important to raise and push the issue with 1 Bit images once in a while and talk bout it, hoping the developers implement it at some point, but ‚alternative workflows‘ are just not feasible in many cases and currently the situation simply is that you have to use another software if you need to work with 1 bit images — and for me that is absolutely fine; I like the Affinity apps very much, but in cases where my favourite tool doesn‘t work, I use a different one.
  5. Any news on this issue? I am having trouble with all effects (lights, rounded and bent objects) and the size of my mockups (templates don't fit, seem skewed). Cannot post samples because it's confidential work, but it exactly what @Graphilupe describes.
  6. Open the AppStore and use the search to look for "Affinity". This should list all three Affinity apps that are available to buy -- when you click on the app name to show the the description of the app, the blue button that normally says "open" or "buy" switches to "UPDATE" -- click it and repeat for all apps you own. It has been like this for me since the 1.8 update and I believe it might be an issue with the AppStore rather than Serifs hickup.
  7. As far as I know the update has not been released yet. If I had to guess, I'd say it's held back until the Windows version is ready too, so that all applications are updated at the same time.
  8. This is difficult, because of all the new features in each version — also, as long as all software updates are unpaid, people can just update to open newer files. Backwards compatibility will, in my opinion, become something to think about when we approach version 2, but not yet ...
  9. Done. To reproduce the issue, pleaes do the following: - Open Publisher File - Open Rescources Manager (so far it looks good, just the linked file is missing) - Select linked file and re-link to "designer_file" - now instead of one linked file with several instances (little arrow next to it) you have one instance and lots of empty image boxes as on the screenshot above To solve the issue, I have deleted all image frames and re-created them, re-linking the file and now it seems to work -- must be an issue that occurs when a file from an older beta is opened in the most recent one. The files I sent are the ,old' broken ones.
  10. Hey guys, I have a desiger file with about 20 artboards and a Publisher file with 15 pages, each page showing one of the artboards (linked in a image frame). When I open the Publisher file with RC3, the Resource Manager only shows "page 12" of my Designer file and all the linked artboards / frames are gone with exception of one an that's messed up. I downloaded the current beta of Designer ans re-saved and re-linked the file, but the issue still persists. I have not tried re-creating the linked image frames (will do so this evening), but this ... doesn't look very good. Attached a screenshot of the problem. If you want to investigate, I can upload the following files: -- Original Designer 1.8.6 file (linked artboards) -- Publisher Beta file with broken links
  11. Does this recommendation also go for the Release Candidate(s)?
  12. Is there a change to the dropdown menu for artboard / page selection from linked documents? Didn't have time to search for it in detail, but it's absolutely awesome and I was really hoping it'd make it into the final release.
  13. YES! Awesome update! I'm waiting for the App Store release. Thanks for the great work in advance! 🥂 or 🍻 or 🍹🍹 -- whichever you prefer!
  14. @Lagarto In this thread it is confirmed that the PDFs are not changed (unless I misunderstand Gabe's reply): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/129943-beta-874-pdf-file-size-issues/&do=findComment&comment=721158 I'm going to test PDF/X1, as mentioned by you tomorrow, but so far I have not been able to produce the files I need for my work from a Publisher document with linked and ,passed through' PDF adverts. You are right in that better documentation would be nice, however, if it's not possible to force a certain colour profile and resolution, it won't be possible to quickly create print or web ready files as it is in other applications. I don't mind different features, workflows and behaviour if they are well thought through (which most of Affinitys features are by the way), but do need usable results in the end, preferably quickly and without much trying and experimenting. When I set the export options to a certain resolution, colour space and profile and tick "convert colours" I need to be sure that everything is in fact converted according to these settings, independent of which other options or PDF standards are selected or which method was used to insert images and PDFs into the document. I'm fine with the standard setting being different (= keep original), but when I choose a setting I want the resulting export to fit.
  15. There is passthrough in the latest betas, but it currently is LITERAL pass-through, meaning, that the PDF is pushed through "as is" when exporting -- the PDF does not adjust to your export settings (which makes it useless for me, but might work for others?). This passthrough is coming soon (Photo betas are coming to a close and Publisher is normally not far behind), but it is different from what you get in InDesign, Quark and many other DTP applications.
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