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  1. Hi, is this sufficient? Simple add some effects in effects -> 3d If you wish add some shadows. Cost me maybe 20-30 seconds. Greetings PS: If you wish perspective transformations: That feature is on the roadmap and will be available soon.
  2. I don't have the dashed option. This is a beta feature. I just run the stable version. I mean the last option (texture). In the current stable version I have no blue rect. But maybe thats the focus? Sometimes the edit boxes got the focus, then they look similar.
  3. Have a good time with your beloved ones!
  4. I have no blue box surrounding it. But the meaning of the button is, that you have no line at all. But i don't figured out, how to get a textured line (the third option).
  5. Nice Intro for the course. And the sound of your voice isn't annoying at all! Good luck with it.
  6. Thank you. That makes me feel to learn and train even more ^__^
  7. Hi folks, this is my first tiny project in a vector environment, especially in AD. Please feel free to comment and criticize! Thanks :)
  8. Thank you a lot! Just read through it. Very informative. I wait for the next issue ^_^
  9. I also would appreciate such a function for drawing symmetrical objects! :o Now i have to mirror and merge my curves manually ... Happy Holidays!
  10. In love with Affinity Designer

  11. In the past days I had to make a cd label. I wanted to place curved text at the bottom but ... oh ... no such function is available. I often use art programs for designing cd labels and covers, because the Nero Cover Designer lack some features those programs have.
  12. Made a template for a cd label. Just wondered if someone else can use it. So grab this and save you some minutes ^_^ Simply place your images under the template layer but don't forget to disable the template when exporting! Including: Document with 300dpi 120mm x 120mm circle edge 22mm hole Black passepartout Carpe diem! CD_Label_120mm-22mm.afdesign
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