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  1. Codename Capri

    Change from Persona to Mode?

    Persona was the codename in the beginning.
  2. Codename Capri

    3D TEXT !

    You are welcome ^_^
  3. Codename Capri

    3D TEXT !

    Hi, is this sufficient? Simple add some effects in effects -> 3d If you wish add some shadows. Cost me maybe 20-30 seconds. Greetings PS: If you wish perspective transformations: That feature is on the roadmap and will be available soon.
  4. I don't have the dashed option. This is a beta feature. I just run the stable version. I mean the last option (texture). In the current stable version I have no blue rect. But maybe thats the focus? Sometimes the edit boxes got the focus, then they look similar.
  5. Codename Capri

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Have a good time with your beloved ones!
  6. I have no blue box surrounding it. But the meaning of the button is, that you have no line at all. But i don't figured out, how to get a textured line (the third option).
  7. Nice Intro for the course. And the sound of your voice isn't annoying at all! Good luck with it.
  8. Codename Capri

    Koala - My first vector art

    Thank you. That makes me feel to learn and train even more ^__^
  9. Codename Capri

    Koala - My first vector art

    Hi folks, this is my first tiny project in a vector environment, especially in AD. Please feel free to comment and criticize! Thanks :)
  10. The content is very informative. Try to view some videos in PDF though :P
  11. Codename Capri

    New free ezine – Affinity Review

    Thank you a lot! Just read through it. Very informative. I wait for the next issue ^_^
  12. Codename Capri

    Live Mirror / Symmetry

    I also would appreciate such a function for drawing symmetrical objects! :o Now i have to mirror and merge my curves manually ... Happy Holidays!
  13. Made a template for a cd label. Just wondered if someone else can use it. So grab this and save you some minutes ^_^ Simply place your images under the template layer but don't forget to disable the template when exporting! Including: Document with 300dpi 120mm x 120mm circle edge 22mm hole Black passepartout Carpe diem! CD_Label_120mm-22mm.afdesign
  14. Codename Capri

    Shape Builder Tool

    I also would very appreciate a shape builder tool like in Illustrator. One can simply create some basic shapes and connect overlapping areas to create complex shapes. That would be a great timesaver!