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  1. Yes, it crashed several times when I tried it a few days ago. Today when I tried with 7 much smaller files open, worked fine. I did get crash logs for the crashes. For the Separated mode, I'm hoping you can add a tabbed window for multiple open documents. Really critical to our workflow. As I mentioned in my original post, we routinely have 6-15 documents open most of the time when working on various projects for different clients, or even when working on a larger project(s) for a single client. While I've become comfortable with the normal mode, because we often drag and drop layers between projects, we'd need the Separated mode, but need a tabbed interface for the document windows (obviously, with the ability to detach a tab when we need to drag/drop a layer). That's our workflow/layout in PS. Thanks.
  2. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or this is a bug/problem. Brand new to AP, so trying a variety of things out to see if I can move from PS. One thing we routinely do in client work is drag layers from one document to another. In PS, we simply drag a tab to make it a freestanding document, then drag the layers we want into the new document. In reading this forum, I read where in AP it requires turning on the Separated mode. Did that, but when I switch Separated off to return to the normal mode, AP crashes every time. Now I did have 5-8 files open, which is a normal workflow. The only way I could restart AP was to open after the crash, move the now unified small-sized window aside, close the other individual windows/files, then stretch the main window back to near full-screen. Once I had it fixed, then with only 2 documents open I tried it again and it works. So it looks like you can't switch modes if you have more than a couple files open???? QUESTION: In the Separated mode, is it not possible to have multiple files/documents open in a tabbed window like in most other apps? Very tough to work with 6-10 open files that all have their own window. And we normally work on multiple projects/files, plus as mentioned above, we routinely drag layers between projects/files/documents. Just trying to figure out how we can adapt our workflow.
  3. I'll second this. Very important for us to preview the crop by having the area outside the crop dimmed. Thanks.
  4. I'm new to A Photo and have the same or similar question/concern. If I try to use the Export Persona, it doesn't appear that I can just export the "file" as finished (all layers, adjusts, effects, etc.) as in most other software. From what is said above in this thread, it looks like I have to go to the Slices panel and select the Background slice. Huge problem with that is that I lose the file name, so have to come up with some type of workaround for restoring the numerous complex filenames we use for web content and other exported files. That's not as easy as it sounds when you're doing multiple sequential images with similar but different file names. I also noticed the strange behavior where if you select all the layers and tell it to create a slice, everything that overlaps outside the canvas is included in the slices. Very odd behavior! I understand that if I use the simple Export function, I don't have these issues, but really wish the Persona did not default to an assumption of using slices. Just rarely ever use slices anymore for web design. Am I overlooking something very simple but not in the Help or Tutorial videos? I did see a thread where it said the Export Persona was going to change in an upcoming release. Hopefully it will be a lot more straightforward and functional. Like the concept, just the current execution is quite frustrating and ruins the workflow.
  5. Just purchased AP. Question: Is there no way in the Save, Save As and Export dialogues to select to show or hide the filetype extension? We routinely Save/Export a variety of file types with the exact same filename, so absolutely need the file extension showing on about 98% of our workload so that we can upload/use the right file for the intended purpose. With what I'm seeing, it appears that AP ALWAYS eliminates the file type extension with no option to show it. Already aware of changing 100% of the contents of the computer, but that's not a realistic option, nor is the option to individually turn on Show Extension for each of the dozens of files created each day. Just curious if, as a new user, I am overlooking something very simple to do what we need for our workflow.
  6. Really would like to be able to adjust type size incrementally, same as with leading, kerning, etc. Routinely need to make minor adjusts to type size. I realize that I can "size" the entire type element, but really need to be able to "bump" the size by point, especially when changing a single character or two. At this point, I can't really see how to change the point size of a single character other than to use the Scaling % (which doesn't seem to do the same thing (proportional point size increase/decrease), or manually type in the point size (which requires doing it several times for each character to get the right size/look). Liking most of what I'm seeing in AP and hoping to retire my PS once and for all. Thanks. ---- Edit — Aha! I see under Text Formatting keyboard shortcuts for increasing/decreasing text size, although the shortcuts shown seem misleading. Shows CMD-> but it actually takes CMD-SHFT->. Okay workaround, but would still be nice to have the incremental button in the Character point size panels & toolbar.
  7. Yes, found that out. However, in production work this morning, I also found out that every time I adjust the canvas size or crop, the graphic zooms to full screen, which as I said, on a 27" working on small web graphic elements is shocking at best. Not sure why it does that, but a real pain to have to keep downsizing back to a 100 or 125% for normal working purposes. Based on a lot of years of production and software, seems the "logical" action would be to leave the screen size the same after things like cropping and canvas size changes. Also would be more intuitive (and in line with most other software) if things opened at 100% or a Pref-set value instead of full screen. Just way too many things that aren't appropriate at Fit Screen size, especially on 27" or larger monitors. Thanks.
  8. Just switched from many, many years with PS. So far, pretty good. Noticed one thing that would make things a little better. Set a default opening view size — Right now it seems that when I open a file, the default is to blow the image up to maximum "fill-the-screen" size. However, working with a 27" 5k monitor, so many of our web graphics blow up WAY too big when we open them. Thus, it would be nice if AP opened documents at their last size/%, or at least include a pref where we could set our default opening view (like 125%, for example).
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