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  1. Excellent, I went for the second option - unchecking in the pdf and it worked perfectly, but I'll attempt the other version as the trap would help the minder - me!! cheers for all your help and so wonderfully swift Vernon
  2. It's Designer and it says Global 3 (Pantone 1595) and spot - it's a solid red with a 100% black crown on top, bit in Indesign I'm showing 100% 1595 and bk in the separation preview
  3. Hi All Could somebody point me in the right direction for knocking out a solid bk logo over a pantone colour for print purposes cheers Vernon
  4. I couldn't re-set my password - is there a different account for the Forum - now unsure of my Affinity account as it's been a while?
  5. Hi Miguel I've been trying to get the same depth effect that you got on your example, do you have a few pointers in this, or is it possible to see how you did it on your file? I tried it in Design - do you have to use Photo for this to work? Sorry this is dragging out a little in time - had to get on the press last week so design time was limited cheers Vernon
  6. @ gdenby, would you be able to share the AD file that you did to create this? It would be interesting to see the process you used - like the use of Perpetua to give it depth, if not just an idea of process @ PixelPest, yes you're right tin your assumptions; did you create the attached effect in AP, and if so, would you give an idea of the process. @ MEB, I like the gold giving it depth, was this AP? Lots of questions!! cheers vernon
  7. Thanks MBD I look forward to playing with this at the weekend Started with letterpress moved to litho and now going back to the old ways which I always loved! Vernon
  8. Hello Out there My wife is opening a gallery and she's looking for a chiseled type effect in stone (Stonemasons Gallery) and I've been charged to come up with the design. Been looking at Gill because of his relationship with type and carving What's the best way of going about this in either Designer - Photo. Has anybody had experience of this? I've had a play in bevel and 3d effects in designer, but haven't got the right feel It will be used in all things media related - print signage and web Thanks for any input Vernon
  9. Hi Lee D I I resized the file whole and checked the Downsample images box which wasn't enabled. I'm sending you a PM and link Thanks Vernon
  10. Hi All I had to re-size a customers oversized Pdf. I did the usual of opening the original file, copying it and resizing it, but when I create a pdf from the file there image is pixelated. I'm a bit stuck on what I'm doing wrong in the sequence of importing the image? I'm not placing the image, which I know would result in this. Thanks in anticipation Vernon
  11. Thanks for input mac_heibu, it went through the Trueflow okay. And appreciate the editing advice... Just really trying to see the capabilities of Designer. Vernon
  12. Hey all I'm printing a brochure and when opening the file in Designer there are white boxes and various boxes around text/tints etc. It looks like it wasn't able to handle the transparency layers. How accurate is Designer in replicating pdf's. What i was seeing in Preview and Acrobat Professional wasn't what Designer was picking up? Any views on this would be helpful I can't post the pdf on an open forum Thanks Vernon
  13. Hi Mike Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not missing something. Unfortunately we're not in the position to use Imposition software yet and are a bit old school. One of the uses is when we're laying out spreads to farm out - so it's a visual thing for us when we get spreads back to finish. As you say it's a valid request for Serif and maybe a Moderator might have an answer - or do we need put it forward as feature request? Vernon
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