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  1. And another! When placing a multi-page PDF document, you can choose which page you want to display by using Spread on the context toolbar. Only one page can ever be displayed although you sutimulate a spread by duplicating the placed PDF object and choosing a different Spread to view.
  2. Another one! About placing content Once you've planned out your publication and added text to text frames, you can place addtional content image and document content.
  3. JohnM

    Opening studio

    Thanks, all ok now. John
  4. I click on View and when I place curser on Studio the dropdown disappears.
  5. Just done the obvious and turned the router off and on and all is now ok. Must have been a bit confused - like me! Thanks all for your help.
  6. Thanks firstdefence - url does not work. GabrielM - just get a time out message after some time. All was fine until a couple of days ago. I also could not open the forums from my Bookmarks. I did a search for Affinity Forum and then saved this as a new Bookmark - which now opens.
  7. This url does not open. The only way I can access the Publisher tutorials is to do a search in Youtube. Thanks
  8. I can't open tutorials from the Affinity program opening windows 'View Tutorials" Can't open tutorials from your website Forum. I can open tutorials on tube. I live in UK. Do not use VPN It's the Publisher tutorials I wish to access. Thanks John
  9. Recently I have been unable to access tutorials in all three programs, on a Mac and pc and directly from the program or the forum. Any help appreciated.
  10. Quicker still. Use keyboard '\' to toggle.
  11. Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well. I am using Affinity Photo and Design and asking how to display the bleed and objects dragged off the document. I was expecting this to work in a similar way as PagePlus. Thanks
  12. I set the bleed to say 3mm but there is no visible check and when I drag objects to the pasteboard they disappear. I'm a PagePlus user. Thanks