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  1. Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well. I am using Affinity Photo and Design and asking how to display the bleed and objects dragged off the document. I was expecting this to work in a similar way as PagePlus. Thanks
  2. I set the bleed to say 3mm but there is no visible check and when I drag objects to the pasteboard they disappear. I'm a PagePlus user. Thanks
  3. Thanks both. Just what I needed.
  4. In Page Plus I can fade a photo from top to bottom using the Transparency Tool. How do I do this in Affinity Photo. Thanks
  5. photo

    Could you explain the steps a little more please.
  6. Thanks, very helpful to me.
  7. Followed instructions, I think, but just got 404 error message. I've now managed to download it using Firefox. Thanks
  8. Mark, Patrick please see PDF screen grab. Thanks affinity download.pdf
  9. Tried a few times and also rebooted computer with no success.
  10. Just purchased Designer for Windows. Clicked on Download - Open but then get message " Windows can't open this file" Help appreciated.
  11. Thanks, found it!
  12. How do I open Project Resources eg "core_skills.afdesign Thanks
  13. Wow, that was quick. Ordered yesterday and just arrived. Looks like lots to get my teeth into!
  14. I tried both.
  15. Unable to order. Reset password or accept new password has not worked for me.