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  1. Thanks, got it. I was expecting the move tool and mouse to move just the selection.
  2. When I do this a hand appears and the whole page moves, not the selection. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  3. I'm really struggling to produce coloured bullets despite reading this. Any chance of a step by step guide please. Thanks
  4. It would be great to have a tutorial showing how the graphics for the creative sessions were created.
  5. I'm making a preset for a website header. I've chosen 'Web' and I will set the dimensions but which format do I choose - SVGA, WSVGA, UXGA ETC. thanks
  6. Other than viewing all the text frames individually is there a way to identify the offending frame? Thanks
  7. Just done the obvious and turned the router off and on and all is now ok. Must have been a bit confused - like me! Thanks all for your help.
  8. Thanks firstdefence - url does not work. GabrielM - just get a time out message after some time. All was fine until a couple of days ago. I also could not open the forums from my Bookmarks. I did a search for Affinity Forum and then saved this as a new Bookmark - which now opens.
  9. This url does not open. The only way I can access the Publisher tutorials is to do a search in Youtube. Thanks
  10. I can't open tutorials from the Affinity program opening windows 'View Tutorials" Can't open tutorials from your website Forum. I can open tutorials on tube. I live in UK. Do not use VPN It's the Publisher tutorials I wish to access. Thanks John
  11. Recently I have been unable to access tutorials in all three programs, on a Mac and pc and directly from the program or the forum. Any help appreciated.
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