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  1. The current shift+ click solution need a live preview also, like any other tool of it's kind.
  2. The 2 deal brakers if you are a game artist are the wrap around mode, and the fact that there is no proper, sort of pixel perfect, way to turn off anti-aliasing. Which means you can't use shape tools or anything other than the pencil tool for pixel art. Serif is so short sighted and so anti-artist(real artist, not "designers"), that it's overall appalling at times. Specially considering that the polish of the software. As long as affinity doesn't have these, I might as well use any other art software. Also, keep an eye on this request.
  3. The new AD/AP 1.7 has lots of cool new features, unfortunately this wasn't included. Why? No love for pixel artists?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I believe it's the the pixel to vector. What i imagined is i'd draw something, and then have it become a 'shape', that would speed up the creation of complex shapes. So let's say i create an odd 7 point star, with some points larger than others, then i select the figure, click somewhere and my selection becomes a shape on its own right, with proper edges, etc. And I'll 'symbol' it for later use. Or ideally it should just see what's painted vs whats not, say if the figure is black and it's the only thing painted on the canvas. Probably you guys can come up with some genius workflow for this, as you've done before.
  5. The idea is to have a feature where a painted area is used as a reference for a closed vector shape to be created. In a sense it's like 'create a mask from selection', but the idea is that the result will be a vector shape a curve, and not just a raster mask. Also, ideally you would have to select anything it would just create the shape based on whats painted on screen vs. whats not painted. This could speed up the creation of complex shapes without needing the pen tool or a vector brush, depending. As far as I'm aware, currently, there is no way to create vector from raster.
  6. I would be great if when using the brush, as soon as you held shift, it would preview a line leading to the brush tip, in order for you to visualize where the new straight line will be placed, when you click. Ideally helper rulers would also be activated and snapping, this could help when drawing straight connected shapes. Regardless of that, it would a great feature to have. If you want a program that offers this feature as an example, check clip studio paint. I hope to see this in AP also, in the future.
  7. For me either on AP or AD, the reason i don't do my pixel art in them is because you cant turn AA off, so for instance if i create a circle shape or a line shape depending. Or any of the other examples people mentioned it will go the AA route and ruin it. Currently i use Clip Studio Paint for Pixel work, which has shape tools and works great all in all. I hope affinity implements a proper pixel toolset/way to draw anything in the software without AA.(or as people noted, with many AA options, including off)
  8. Animation is a great feature to have for an art program. Krita really stands as an example of what features such programs should have. It's great to be able to re-draw a frame and see the results immediately. Affinity Photo However is a Photo editing program, nothing else. I hope one day they do make Affinity Painter, or something of a sort. But the fact is that designers have taken over the content industry and real artists are mostly ignored by major companies these days. Honestly Adobe is mostly to blame since it blatantly favors designers, Photoshop sucks for art.
  9. Thanks Sean, sorry if I couldnt post the file im off for a few weeks. I'm glad Aammppaa helped. Hope this gets resolved since these brushes are awesome!
  10. Basically if you change(increase) the default size of some brushes, like this one(third one from the top i believe) when you zoom in it "vanishes" or stops rendering. Also, if you increase the size too much it simply wont paint. Other brushes scale just fine, and the standard ones seem flawless at that. This is me zooming in and it vanishing. Hope there is a fix since these brushes are awesome. Maybe it's a limitation they have?
  11. As further feedback to my own post, the selection brush tool can be used as a much higher end floor select in AD, and I'm getting used to the color picker not having it's own icon.(on alt press) Still think the perspective grids and snapping could be could but have been getting around it the old way, plus using vector tools.
  12. Most companies that support Linux choose one, namely Ubuntu and stick with it. Also, apps can be distributed in linux-unversal formats, so this is a lot less of a deal than it seems.
  13. Both of these features could also be useful in AD, for artists there.
  14. Flood select is part of an art workflow, it's a basic tool and could be included in AD. When you press alt in almost every painting program you activate the color picker, it would be good if when you held alt it changed the icon so we knew the color picker is going to be active. In fact maybe pressing alt on it's own should activate the magnifying glass directly, overall alt+ drag is a drag if you pick colors a lot. Also, both AD and AP could use manually(non-horizontal/vertical guides) positioned guides or preferably proper helpers with vanishing points, for architectural art and design.(Perspective tooling for pixel and vector) Last but not least, it would be good if brush strokes(vector and pixel) could snap to anything.(guides, grids, etc) Maybe this could be a on/off option in the snap menu. Currently the only drawing tool that does this is the pen tool.(as far as I'm aware) Btw love the way guides are handled and color picker's zoom!
  15. Thanks! Didn't really know where to best put this. Another thing i forgot to mention about mirror mode, depending on how you implement it, you can end up having unlimited mirrors, to allow you to make mandalas and whatnot easily. CSP has a system with rulers that is quite handy, but maybe the affinity devs can come up with something even better.
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