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  1. I'm sorry to resuscitate this topic, but I've recently tried to use Affinity Designer for a Pixel Art project again, and it feels like there are still issues preventing this feature from being used. I'm using coverage maps to create a sharp transition, which seems to work just fine... until you start overlapping objects. In this example here, the brown shape is nested inside the dark green shape, and whenever their edges "touch", antialiased pixels are created. I've also set view quality to nearest neighbor, but no luck. Affinity Designer would be so awesome for this kind of task, specially because it so seamlessly blends pixel and vector workflows. But for now, the worlds of vectors and pixels shall remain separated, it looks like. :-( Leo.
  2. I noticed that too, currently you have to apply the curves to each object, one by one. Would be great if they inherited from the top object in the hierarchy!
  3. This is the same issue as this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/4148-reset-bounding-box/&p=17689 Cheers!
  4. I ran into this problem recently, and would love a solution like a simple "reset" button! The problem with the boolean trick is that if the object is a geometric shape (like a rounded square, a cog, etc.) it would be converted to curves and lose its "procedural" editing features, wouldn't it? Cheers.
  5. Yes, a user controlled gamma ramp is exactly what I'm talking about, and a per-object attribute would work great (specially if you can apply it to groups and all group members inherit it). I'll try the threshold adjustment later when I get home, sounds like it can be helpful. In the mean time, I know this request is not a priority, but you may want to check out this paper about techniques for visually appealing vector rasterization, this is great not only for pixel art but for UI design as well: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21445719/Website/NPAR2013_pixelation.pdf Cheers!
  6. Hello, new user here. I'm very happy with the purchase, but there's a little thing I'd like to ask in order to be able to ditch exporting to Photoshop completely. I intend to use AD mostly to generate 2D artwork in multiple resolutions*, and it's really important to control the amount of antialiasing. Without that, there's always a lengthy "pixel cleanup" stage that follows the creation of any asset. While being able to fine tune the antialias intensity would be amazing, I'd be happy with a simple "turn off antialiasing" option for both the pixel preview and the "rasterise"option. I originally thought that's what the "View quality" option in the preferences would do, but it seems to have no effect in the image. Bug, maybe? Thanks! * These are intended to be used in "pixel perfect" graphics (no scaling and no fractional coordinates, thus no filtering and maximum sharpness).
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