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  1. confirmed that the files from gridcalculator.dk crash Affinity Designer. I'm not sure the file will work for you even if it did import correctly - as the grid is constructed with guides and they are not imported into Affinity Designer. The document can be set up in Designer though. Start a new document and use your document size - Document Units: Pixels - Dimensions: 1076 px x 700 px - DPI: 96 - click OK With the new document open go to the top Menu Bar and click - View - Guides Manager On the Guides window - Under the Column Guides enter: Columns: 12 - Style: Outline Rows: 1 Gutter: 20 px Margins: Left: 20 px - Right: 20px press the close button. Be sure to enable Snapping using the Magnet Icon. hope that helps
  2. Just a heads up - The Sample file Lone Shine crashes Affinity Photo - it loads correctly with Affinity Photo . Using Windows 10 1809 17763.134, nvidia graphics
  3. Hi r.rumbler. Yes it would be great to have the Fashion + Home Pantone Swatch colours included with Affinity products, although the Pantone Licencing might be restrictive for Serif. Fortunately for now the colours are available for viewing on the Pantone Color Finder ( Pantone Fashion and Home colors ) and in the android, apple Pantone apps
  4. Thank you for implementing the change to Pointer Support, I no longer get the crash with my Huion tablets. Obviously if this change upsets Surface Pro users I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind if we had to disable the feature rather than Surface Pro users having enable it.
  5. The image from the IrfanView main program or it's Thumbnail Viewer can't be dragged onto the open active document but you can drag the image onto either the open file name or Layers Tab (the actual Layers tab - not the list of layers) and a new document will open. or you could add Affinity as an external editor in IrfanView and then use the short cut listed in IrfanView to send the image to Affinity > IrfanView - Options - Properties/Settings - Miscellaneous - Set external editors - browse to Affinity Photo.exe. I think this is an issue with IrfanView as Dragging and Dropping a file onto an open image works as expected when using - Windows File Explorer, Corel Connect, Adobe Bridge, Zoner Photo, P3dO Explore, Microsoft Photo Gallery etc.. even the now defunct Serif PhotoPlus organiser can ...
  6. From the screen shot - Windows Photo has the 'Automatically enhance your photos' feature turned on, so the image appears overly processed, which makes a comparison slightly more difficult, as it's not how the default RAW image looks.
  7. I don't think it's people complaining. When the 'Plus' range was removed from active development an announcement was made that current Serif Customers would get a discount on the new Affinity Range, those customers are now asking if they will get the promised discount and if it's the same discount that is now being offered to everyone. Seems like a valid question. I also find it a little sad that you've used the term 'people complaining', those 'people' are your customers and for some of them it's been almost 20 years of being your customers
  8. Hi. my Windows 10 updated yesterday to Windows 10 1607 (Build 14393.105) and when saving affinity files I sometimes have to physically refresh the desktop to see the thumbnail, not always though. for me windows 10 has always occasionally nodded off so I've become accustomed to poking it with a stick every now and then to wake it up
  9. Hi. The Fill from the Tool Bar really isn't working properly, I mentioned it on the beta but it wasn't acknowledge by Serif. The swatch tab always reverts to grey. If you try and change colours with RGB sliders it uses greys - If you use the HSL colour wheel it applies colours. On Gradients using RGB sliders the first colour always uses greys. If you change the colours on the gradient with say the HSL colour wheel and then go back to the RGB sliders to change the first colour on a gradient the whole shape becomes one colour again even though the second gradient fill colour is still showing as different.
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