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  1. It is apparent that they are silent on this issue of unfairness at this point to their customer base who was promised special upgrading price for loyal customers. Yes internal communications still plague them. New software is one thing but same old broken promises and communications issues has not changed it would seem kind of like bait and switch. If they don't want to provide special pricing for their loyal base then maybe a suggestion: All Previous owners of DPlus X6/X8, WP X*, PhotoPX8, PageP X9, and Affinity Mac users get free upgrade to v2.0 when it is released and Affinity Photo to 2.0 as well. Just a suggestion. Granted it would seem that it was done out of convenience not fairness. To have to go and create a system to provide a separate discount for previous owners whose data is on another system because they created a whole new accounting system where you have to start a new user account would seem to make sense and did not want to spend the time on it let alone import customer data and history. Don't make false promises and alienate your base, That's why Hillary lost :) DOH. You can have great new software but not showing loyalty or keeping promises to your customer base who was loyal to you can put a stain on anything NEW. I would suggest you have a meeting on this with your boss on how you screwed up and misunderstand the meaning of fair and loyalty.
  2. Guess I would have to agree, got the email where they promised a special upgrade price for DrawPlus X8 users and signed up for the beta. But instead reward everyone who did not test or own any prior products with special pricing while ignoring your loyalty and time testing the Beta for them. It is however the Liberal way of doing things in some businesses these days and you are dealing with a company in the UK. I give my repeat customers discounts on services but new customers I do not because if my loyal customers found out I was giving the same discounts to new customers I would lose those loyal customers out right. That's business 101 which is not compatible with Liberal version of fair. I did testing for Microsoft for years and was very active with reports and also very loyal to their products Windows phone 10, Windows 10 Pro, Office 365 the whole family always up to date. Results: XBOX One was replaced for free twice even out of warranty, sent a lot of Microsoft points and membership extensions plus special discounts only available to me not the general public that did not participate or new customers. Worst case of course is cable companies raising rates on loyal customers 14 years with Cox Cable for internet) while giving new customers half the price of what you pay... took them years to realize why so many left for Directv or Dish... now that they have lost a lot of business I get a special loyal customer offer for their streaming TV service for 9.95 a month no catch... I was shocked and had to call them to make sure there was no catch. Serif has been around for a long time and I have purchased all products (except Movie edit) from them for 7 years and now the same offer to anyone is exactly a slap in the face to loyal and beta testers period. Magix operates the same way (with them since 1996) Took a phone call to make them to look at my history of purchases to say oh crap since 1996? Just showed how much they paid attention to their loyal customers while giving the same discounts to new. Granted they finally after looking at my purchase history gave me 3 free upgrades to three of my products which I did not ask for just a proper discount but hey still with them today and still always upgrading. I suspect they will actually use their database of loyal customers more efficiently now. I'm on the fence right now... going to see how this plays out before I purchase it. Rewarding people for not contributing or shown any loyalty to your product or business is the Liberal way of doing things... at Least America finally woke up and the UK. Apparently some of the businesses and mentality may take some time to change. We will see... Going to have to share this on Facebook so I can educate some of my Liberal friends... :)
  3. I am gueesing I cannot use my Serif login and must create a whole new account? Also where is the discount for DrawplusX8 users? Do we have to wait for launch offer to be over first? Don't forget many serif long time loyal customers beta tested too.