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  1. I am trying to recreate this so that I can use it as a lower third in my NLE and for the life of me I cannot see how to make the fill fade to a transparency as shown.  Any help or advise would be most welcome either in APhoto or Designer.  Cheers John UPDATE after playing around with a gradient fill I did not realize you could alter the opacity of the individual nodes. So it looks as if I may have cracked it.

    flash LT.jpg

  2. Good morning Gary.   Thank you for taking the time to respond and for the feedback. 

    The concept was to produce an old fashioned faded flier. It was designed to be Text based with as much information as possible. Diso's was a typo that got through sadly as well as the space in the URL I fully concur with you about the email logo. Est 1971 was asked for in the size shown as the club has not long celebrated its 50 year anniversary. As regards the stars its a matter of personal aesthetics. It has been through about half a dozen remakes and the board were happy (they did the final proofing) with this final result.  Thanks once again

  3. Good morning to all. I would like to create a 12 page A5 booklet to print on A4 landscape 2 up side by side with page numbering.  Is there a template anywhere I could use please. I spent a long while trying to figure this out in Serif's PagePlus but I cannot get me head around how to do it in publisher.  Many thanks for any assistance. John

  4. I have created a logo to go on my daughters running top using HTV vinyl. I have a problem when I export it as an SVG that my Cricut only shows a blank screen when I upload it.  Have tried a couple of the SVG export options but they don't seem to work. I then saved it as a PNG and all works as expected.  Can anybody suggest where I/if am going wrong with the SVG export facility please?  Thank you John

    unity caroline.png

  5. Just a small question. I have been creating an ellipse logo for use with reflective Vinyl and I wanted the roughen the line of the ellipse but could not find any tool in AP or AD.  For those of you that may have used DrawPus in the past there was a roughen tool.  Is this sort of feature available in Affinity? I ended up painting a line around the ellipse to achieve the result I required. Cheers John

  6. Help please.  the flier I have been working on has somehow become an embedded file and I have lost the ability to save it or edit any of the layers.  I must of pressed on something for this to have happened.  I still have the file open but would like to be able to save it before having to start all over again


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