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  1. That is a matter of opinion, I would dare to venture! However, it is true to say that the time taken to open RAW files in APhoto has been the subject of many posts (please do a search!). However, I just tested this on the beta version of the app. Results: DPP, c.1 second, as you say; AP Beta, c.4 seconds. "Hopeless", I think not!
  2. Hi, welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. I suspect, from the content of your question, that you actually own and use one of the Serif legacy range, namely PagePlus, and that is the program you are asking for help with? If so, you really need to post to the forum for those legacy products, here. This forum is for the products in the new Affinity range of products from Serif. HTH Jeff
  3. Topaz Labs Star Effects plug in? I have used this successfully to add all sorts of star effects to a range of images. IMO, well worth the cost. Jeff
  4. Hi. In order to be able to answer this and possibly help you we need to know many more details about your computer: manufacturer, model (number or name), what GPU, even the Operating System, RAM, CPU, type and size of hard drive, etc., etc.. You wrote in your original post that you downloaded the latest drivers for the GPU, I downloaded the beta ones. Where did you download them from? If it was not the manufacturer's site you could have downloaded an "unofficial" driver, not approved by the manufacturer. The more information you can give us the more likely we will be able to at least offer some advice. Jeff
  5. @Kasper-V attempting to access your link to download the file produces this error page: Any idea why? Jeff
  6. Hi, I'm coming a little late to this thread but I wonder whether either or both of the following might help: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed is an official Microsoft page which claims to be able to help resolve problems like you are experiencing. Whenever I have been confronted by a problem of this nature, especially one where a program fails to uninstall properly, I have used Revo Uninstaller (the free version is available from https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html). Personally, I use the paid-for Pro version since it adds the facility to monitor the installation of programs in order to ensure that any subsequent uninstallation runs successfully. In the Pro version (I think the free version includes this) to achieve what you need you select the Forced Uninstall option, point it to the program by name and let it search all your computer for anything related to that program. Nothing is deleted or changed until and unless you accept what the app lists as parts of the program. It is always worth carefully checking everything it suggests should be deleted, especially any registry entries. HTH Jeff
  7. Just tested this, using Canon cr2 RAW files. No filter is available until you press "develop"; the resulting image can then have the Haze Removal Filter applied, and it works without problem. (AP1.5.2.69, release version) Jeff
  8. But Beethoven was profoundly deaf for the greater part of his "composing" life. :D :D (Sorry, couldn't resist).
  9. Hi welcome to the Affinity forums. If the two plug ins you mention are designed to "automate" processes then no, they cannot be used in AP. Currently, automate plugins cannot be used. Jeff
  10. Except I don't think it does, (work as a plug-in) either in Affinity Photo or PhotoPlus X8!
  11. I'm obviously NOT DWright but... My very strong suspicion is that the amount of RAM you have (3GB is an "unusual" figure, more common to see amounts in multiples of 2 or 4) is, frankly, barely enough to run Windows 10 64 bit. To then open a RAW file must be maxing out your memory and causing an awful lot of swapping to disc and your page file. Hence, the delays and "Not Responding" message. I honestly think you need to seriously consider adding as much RAM as your computer can handle. Jeff
  12. On the right hand side of your workspace, in a set which includes "Adjustment", "Effects" etc., assuming you have the standard workspace set up. HTH EDIT: beaten by MEB and Callum, but I see no screenshots? 2nd EDIT: I now see Callum's screenshot but MEB's reply has disappeared!!
  13. Hi. Open the RAW file in AP; it will open automatically in the Develop Persona. Make any changes/edits to the image that you wish. Click on the Develop button/tab, top left hand corner. Image will then open in the Photo Persona. Again, make any additional changes you wish. Go to File>Export and choose jpg as the format. Caution: the above is the basic workflow. At each stage of the process there are numerous additional options available to you. HTH Jeff EDIT: This thread is duplicated at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40488-import-raw-nef-files/
  14. Clearly, Serif staff themselves need to answer your question directly. But, perhaps the biggest "problem" in this suggestion (apart from the potential loss of at least some revenue for Serif) is that the files produced by PagePlus, .ppp format, will NOT be compatible with the new Affinity Publisher so it will not be possible to open PP files in APub. Jeff EDIT: I see Alfred posted as I was writing.
  15. I'm not at all sure about this, but since the line of text has a blue box around it can you not simply drag the right hand edge to the left and make the text "fit" within the correct space? Jeff
  16. I think you might be unlucky on the discount for the book! When it was first released, the latter part of last year, it was available to buy at a discount but I believe that "offer" has now ended, sorry. Jeff
  17. Hi Xstream, This is the forum for the Windows version of Designer Beta. Perhaps you should re-post to the forum for the Mac version of Designer Beta.
  18. andre, Can you attach the Designer file to a post so that other users can test it on their systems? Which pdf preset are you using? Jeff
  19. Using the Pdf (for print) at 300 DPI preset I see the crash! No sooner is that preset selected than AD closes immediately, no error message, no crash report, nothing but my computer desktop! I tested, in turn ALL the default pdf Export presets; all worked without problem except Pdf (for print) and Pdf X-4, both of which caused an immediate shutdown of AD. Hopefully one of the real experts will see this thread and download the file, possibly also the developers. Jeff
  20. Hi martinkuzella, and welcome to the Affinity forums. I downloaded your file, opened it in AD, selected Export to pdf (entirely the default settings so exactly as per the file you supplied), exported immediately. I have attached the resulting file. Jeff print.pdf
  21. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I would suggest you download and install the trial version for whichever OS you have. Just remember you have only 10 days from the first time you first open it to test it before the trial expires. In terms of brushes etc. there are a number installed with the program but you can also download many others, the majority of which are free! Have a look at the Resources section of the forum https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources/ and also this web page http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/resources/ HTH Jeff
  22. +1. I notice you said were considering an i7 processor; yes most definitely, and get the highest spec of these that you can afford. My computer spec is in my signature; I've never had cause to regret going for the (then) "best CPU" I could afford. As for GPU, my Radeon is pretty "middle of the road" so I think, again, the advice would be "get the best you can afford". Jeff
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