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  1. Hi Support and team, I am facing a new problem now days. every time when I close the application then a message appears "Quitting ! At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application." I am surprise when all files I have close then why it is comes and application not close. And then I have to close it by task manager help. Today I have install Affinity photo (Beta) and still problem comes. If I open application and close without do any file open or work It also comes that time. Thanks, Chetram Kumawat
  2. HI Callum, Yes, I have attached the file in my post. Thanks Chetram Kumawat
  3. Hi Support team and all users, I have a problem when I export some large files then my system using 100% CPU Usage and Memory 8GB and my graphics card is also 4GB. System Hang and taking unlimited time to save files. I was creating a wall banner approx 16ft x 8ft. When I need to send sample image to my friends for review JPEG didn't save and system hang. I had sent mail to support but they were not able to solve this problem. So they suggest me to post it on forum. Please help what is the problem. Is it system problem or Affinity Photo software problem. Chetram Kumawat 22x8_wall_banner.afphoto
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