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  1. I also meant to reply to firstdefence. I was aboard USS Intrepid during the Vietnam era. At that time, the carrier was tasked as a fast attack carrier - CVA-11. The patch you posted was created by an outside, third-party vendor and is not the representative insignia we wore on our flight clothing. Here below, for your review, is the official air wing patch that is Intrepid. NealO
  2. Thank you to all responders. Each reply has been a unique education. Response by reglico displaying 3 different treatments of the numeric image is what I was looking for. The white outlined image is probably what we will adopt for the silk screening. As my learning curve with Affinity Designer continues to rise, I may have to return to these forums occasionally when I get stuck on a design. This community is very helpful. Thank you all. Now, if anyone could provide me the download link to the Grade UI Kit, I would appreciate it. Best, NealO.
  3. Hello Community: I have created a logo design in Serif DrawPlus X8 and the Artistic Text fill color is Red (R-255-G-0-B-0). I am designing this logo to be silk screened onto T-Shirts for a special occasion purpose. The T-Shirt material will be navy blue. I would like to create a solid blue background in my Affinity Design workspace page to offer the silk screening company the two-color - Red & White - design layout to follow. Is there a way I can flood fill my workspace page in blue while I continue to work on my logo design. I intend to print the finished design so the silk scre
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