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  1. Uploaded a few images from a Sony A6000 + Sigma 16mm f/1.4.
  2. Hi Anthony, I use a Sigma lens on a Sony A6000. However, the file formats produced by my camera are .ARW (RAW), not the Sigma file format I think. I really hope they fix this anytime soon, because editting images right now is not what it should be like, as I have to use a lot of exposure to make my pictures look decent. For now, I will be using a different program until this is fixed. Thanks! Darryl
  3. Hi Sean, Any ETA on when this issue will be resolved? I also use a Sigma(16mm f/1.4 Contemporary) lens for the majority of my photo's, but they look very bad when opening the RAW file with AP. Thanks!
  4. This is a very common issue actually. I have the same thing, however my photo's appear darker in AP. Did anything came out of your testing?
  5. Did anything come forward out of your test? I went through the list with supported lenses, and saw that the lens which shot these photo's is not mentioned anywhere. Could that be causing this issue? Even though it was working fine before? I used a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary for Sony E-mount.
  6. I double checked this, haven't touched this option in a long time. It's becoming quite frustrating as well, as there is no real solution to this issue (I've seen multiple topics about RAW images appearing very dark in AP, no solution has been found that I'm aware of).
  7. Somewhat comforting haha, but then again, I did not have this issue before. Also, the preview on my camera do not show the photo this dark. Thank you for testing and helping out!
  8. That is weird. In AP the lens is 'detected'. I've seen numerous posts about this particular issue. The possible solutions provided did not work for me. I've used AP for about a week and had no issues. Then suddenly, it just happened.
  9. I've attached the RAW file, many thanks for helping! _DSC3837.ARW
  10. Since a few days (it just happened), whenever I open RAW image with AP, the image shows very dark. When I open the photo in Windows Photo Viewer, the image shows it actual colors. Any idea what could cause this? I have to put editting of my images on hold now, as the exposure seems way off. I've added 2 screenshots. The first screenshot will display the image in Windows Photo Viewer. The second screenshot is the same image, but in AP. Regards, Darryl
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