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  1. @urbain With acknowledgement to the user who originally posted this, here's how to create a desktop icon for any and all of the version 2 Affinity apps: Open a PowerShell window (as admin) and type: explorer.exe shell:appsFolder In the new window you'll find all installed apps. Right click on any symbol will give you the possibility to create a link. You will get a message that the link cannot be created here and that the link should be created on the desktop instead. @Al Loan Welcome to the Affinity forums. The fact that the installers are supplied as .MSIX files, rather than the .msi type which were used in version 1, is the subject of much heated debate (and rather a lot of complaints) in the forum! Serif have stated they intend to release .msi installers once they are happy that these are "working as intended". What is not clear, to me at least, is whether users who currently run from the .MSIX installers will be able to easily "change" to the .msi versions, if they wish to do so. I'm not sure what you mean by a base launch of the apps but, as above, if you follow this method of creating the desktop icons you can start each one from its icon. HTH
  2. @tombro Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you tried first copying the file(s) to your local computer? Do they then open properly in whichever version of APh you have?
  3. Any "Proof of Purchase" from the App Store is of no value to Serif because (at the risk of repeating myself) they (Serif) and Apple share NO customer data. In addition, it is my understanding that, due to the rules which Apple demand that all iPad app developers follow, ALL iPad apps must be purchased only and exclusively via the App Store. Thus, Serif cannot supply you with any download or even a link to a download of the version 1 iPad apps! However, as I wrote above, there does seem to be a disconnect between what Serif have advised (that previously-purchased version 1 apps should still be available to download) and what is actually the situation. Hopefully, one of the moderators will pick this up and be able to offer further guidance, @DWright, @SFurniss, @Patrick Connor?
  4. I think this is rather an unfair comment! Apple does not share any customer data with Serif, nor Serif with Apple. As a result Serif have no means whatsoever of making Apple understand your problem. However, I do understand your annoyance. I have both version 1 and version 2 of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, on my iPad, along with version 2 of Publisher. I remember reading elsewhere on the forum that one could access one's purchases and redownload all the version 1 apps via the AppStore>Account>Purchased. I checked this on my iPad and the version 1 apps do not show! Perhaps because they are still installed? (But then other prior purchases are still listed and installed.) @DWright, I think it was you who posted this method to the forums (my apologies if it was not!) but there clearly is a problem; Apple seem to have "removed" the version 1 apps even for those who had previously purchased them.
  5. @Devon Serif have said the discount promotion will end on December 14th. Also, that purchases are permanently linked to the email used at the time of purchase and cannot be changed subsequently! SORRY!
  6. @DSGNDM If you're not sure where that setting that @Lee Drefers to is (and I have seen the same annoying pop-up about Nvidia Experience, though not the screen refresh problem!) see the screenshot below:
  7. @cgidesign As per my signature I run a GTX card, with the latest (526.98) Game-ready driver. I never play any games on my PC but, following the advice of the manufacturer of the video editing software I use quite extensively, I have been using that driver type for several months (since I originally bought and installed the GPU) and have never experienced any OpenCL problems. Is it worth you trying the game-ready driver?
  8. Yes it will, but you will see a warning that you are trying to open an older file in the newer version and that, if you do open the original and not a copy, work on it and subsequently save it under the same name, that file will no longer be openable in version 1. The option to create and open a copy is included in that warning message.
  9. @bposnerimages Welcome to the Affinity forums. I think version 2 should, perhaps, be more correctly called an upgrade to version 1. As such, it must be paid for (currently at a 40% discount). Updates to either version 1 or version 2 are always free to the user, though for perhaps obvious reasons, future updates to version 1 are highly likely to be wholly limited to those required to "keep the software running" if problems are created by updates to the user's operating system. As to your second question, about recognising current settings, this I am not so sure about, sorry! On my Windows PC, I had quite a few problems with migrating some of the Assets, Brushes, personal settings from version 1 to version 2. However, because version 2 is a complete new install which does not make any changes at all to your version 1 install, it should be possible to easily migrate any settings etc. which do not automatically transfer. HTH
  10. This thread can be closed/ignored but I will leave it here in case anyone else meets this problem! A little bit of lateral thinking, and I went to the iPad AppStore and downloaded and installed the three apps. I had wondered whether it might be necessary to first deactivate my device before uninstalling the prior installs but clearly not; everything is fully functional, all downloaded content and files still present. And all 3 apps are now at version 2.0.2!
  11. I apologise if this is posted to the wrong area of the forums, but I think it "best fits" here! The threads where new releases are announced didn't quite seem the correct place to post! I have a Version 2 Universal Licence with all three apps installed and activated on Windows 10 PC and iPad, running iOS 16.1.1. I have no problem updating the Windows versions but the iPad versions do not update (latest releases, I believe, should be version 2.0.2). I've checked via the iPad App Store but nothing shows there, presumably because, having been a beta tester, my Universal Licence was used to activate the previously-installed beta release versions. IOW, the App Store does not actually know I own the version 2 releases, I assume? My installed versions are currently for Publisher, for Designer and for Photo. I've seen the suggested method of opening the App Store, going to Account, then Updates but nothing is showing for me. I realise it can take some time for Updates to actually be downloadable but I believe these latest ones were released some days ago now. Any advice/ideas/suggestions very gratefully received!
  12. @Donna Warden The refund for your iPad purchases will need to be made by Apple, since Serif have, and will never have, any record of your purchases specifically for that OS, I think.
  13. @Raw No, I don't work for Serif and I do completely understand why you feel so angry. All I ask is that you don't keep posting the same thing over and over again!
  14. @Beecubu Do you have the choice to use PayPal for the purchase? A number of users who post here and who have experienced a similar problem to yours have subsequently reported a successful purchase via PayPal.
  15. For version 2 of all the Affinity apps there are no "activation keys". Activation is via your Affinity Account. However, I do realise that a number of users are experiencing the problem that the licence purchase is seemingly not being properly recognised (hence the deluge of posts from users who are worried/angry that they have made the purchase, that their money has allegedly been "taken" and yet they do not have activated products. They do not seem to be able to accept that Serif will NOT receive any money for these failed transactions and that their own banks will eventually return the amounts to their account or card.) In the case of this iPad purchase, have you tried going to your account, via the icon and word "Account" towards the bottom left corner of the opening screen in any of the Affinity iPad apps? What do you then see? It is clear that Serif staff are aware of the basic problem of the uncompleted payments and, I suspect, are very concerned about it. They (Serif) are only a small company, with limited staff demonstrably working extremely hard to resolve the issue. @Raw I realise you are one of those affected by this problem but, as a fellow-user who visits these forums regularly and tries to help other users (when I can), can I ask that you do not continue to post the same thing, over and over again, please? Serif staff have explicitly told you that, either you will get your products fully activated, or you will receive your money back. Thank you.
  16. @Kent Davis The Version 2 Universal Licence allows you to use any and all of the Affinity apps on any and all of the available operating systems, i.e., Windows, MAC or iOS.
  17. Isn't it the simple fact that such third-party "reverse engineering" of any file format is, technically, illegal? Whether or not other software manufacturers do this is entirely their choice and at their risk. Serif have chosen to not follow such a path.
  18. It is my understanding that the INDD file format is proprietary to Adobe and so not "accessible" to any other software manufacturer.
  19. @csadam Thank you for that information (and I at least am certainly not going to attack you!)
  20. @csadam I'm not sure exactly what the EU laws about selling used software are but perhaps it is relevant that Serif is a UK company and the UK is no longer a member of the EU?
  21. @IppoIkki Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm afraid your information from Mastercard is wholly wrong! Serif has implemented the two-factor authentication method for card purchases, as required by European and British law. I'm not sure where Mastercard gets its data from. However, I know Serif use a payment gateway company (whose name I cannot remember) and it may be that it is the problem here.
  22. @kww Welcome to the Affinity forums, even if your first post is something of a rant. 😇 It has always been made clear by Serif that all releases of updates to version 1 would be free but that an upgrade to version 2 and, presumably eventually version 3, would require the user to buy again. There is nothing deceitful about this! Do you really think that Serif can afford to develop, extensively beta test and ultimately release new versions of their products, financed ONLY by the sale of whichever was the first version the user bought? Remember, the initial purchase prices of the version 1 apps was considered by many who post here as an extreme example of "excellent value for money"!
  23. @AidanW Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you tried the suggestion made earlier in this thread, to try purchasing using a different browser? On a completely different forum for totally unrelated (to Serif) products a number of users have experienced similar problems (unable to complete purchase or unable to download the software) where the "common element" has been the use of MS Edge. Suggesting they try a different browser has almost always resolved the problem!
  24. @uncutrushes Welcome to the Affinity forums. This forum post lists all the currently supported cameras in APh2. Unfortunately, yours is not listed. Support is therefore likely to come when the next release of libraw is available to and released by Serif in a future update. However, I downloaded a sample .rw2 file from here and it opened without any problem straight into the Develop screen of APh 2.
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