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  1. R C-R Thank you for your message I have tried a number of computers with Windows 10 and Windows 11 both working with the latest updates. Not recognising the files from the Canon R6 mark ii. Malcolm
  2. R C-R Thanks for taking the trouble in helping me with this problem. I have tried everything to open the HIF files in Affinity V2 build 2.2.1 This maybe a Windows problem. I have no problems opening files from my Canon 5D mark ii or my Canon 7D mark ii only form the new Canon R6 mark ii. I have been using Affinity since March 2018 and been very pleased the the results. All the best Malcolm
  3. Thanks guys for trying to help but nothing helps. All the files from the basic settings with the Canon "R6 mark ii" are not HEIF files but HIF files and are not recognised by Affinity V2. The JPEG and RAW files open in the normal way. I have tried opening HIF files with a Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC but no luck. Thanks guys Malcolm
  4. Nathan Thank you for your reply. The Canon R6 mark ii in the basic settings saves images as HIF and Not HEIF. Affinity V2 dose not recognise HIF files. Raw Images open without any problem 9K9A0104.HIF
  5. Thank you for you message. Some of the basic settings with the "Canon R6 mark ii" are saved as HIF files and not HEIF files. HIF won't open in Affinity V2. The very basic settings are saved as JPGE files. I am not sure how to change HIF files to HEIF files. Best wishes Malcolm
  6. R C-R Thank you for your message. I have attached as requested a file from the Canon R6 mark ii. The camera set on what would be the highest JPEG size. The RAW file is opening in Affinity Photo V2 without any problems. Regards Malcolm 9K9A0037.HIF
  7. Nathan Thank you for the information. I have tried almost everything but HEIF files are not recognised using any method. HEIF Files are from Canon's new model R6 mark ii. The Raw files open without any problem. Hopefully this issue will be updated in the near future. Regards Malcolm
  8. How do I load HEIF files into Affinity from a Canon R6 mark ii please?
  9. Callum Thank you for your reply. At the moment I have gone back to using Photoshop on my PC because I find Affinity far too slow, I love it but too slow. Scratch Disk may be the answer for me and others in this situation. Best wishes Malcolm
  10. Hiya I have been using an other program successfully for my photo editing for many years and was pleased to be able to use the "scratch disks facility in preferences" to booster my computer power. Is there are will there be this facility in Affinity?
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