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  1. It does not exist! In earlier years there has been a roadmap published by Serif but more recently this has disappeared from the forums, presumably because the company and developers felt it was too restricting and users were repeatedly posting to demand that such and such a "promised feature" which had still not been included must be present in the next release or beta! Jeff
  2. @VICTOR18 Are you, perhaps, a user of Serif's Legacy product, WebPlus? In which case, I would suggest you register at and repost to the forum for those Legacy products, Community Plus. HTH Jeff
  3. Hi. Thanks for the additional information. I think, if you (sort of) reverse the procedure detailed on this Bridge Help page (i.e. change from Photoshop by browsing to APh directory) you will achieve what you want to do (I hope), without the need to reinstall APh. HTH Jeff
  4. @maxine45 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Yes! Are you aware of the Community Plus forums for those Serif products which are now Legacy? If not, I would suggest you register at and repost there; there are a number of experienced WebPlus users there who would be happy to help you with specific problems. HTH Jeff
  5. @Gshooter Welcome to the Affinity forums. First, is this on Windows or Mac? I'm afraid it's not possible that you purchased Affinity Photo many years ago since the product has been available for only some 4 or 5 years! If you are running Windows, do you perchance mean "PhotoPlus", the now legacy Serif product? If you do mean Affinity Photo and you originally purchased the app directly from Serif, then your Affinity account will be tied to the email address you registered at the time of purchase. If so, log in with that email address and password. Once logged in you will have the opportunity to both update your email address and download the latest installer, if needed, along with your Product Key. If you originally purchased the program through the appropriate App Store your purchase and opportunity to redownload will be linked to you App Store ID. One other thing: there should be no need to reinstall the program for accessing other applications (Adobe Bridge) - I have Adobe Bridge and have set the File>Open with option in Bridge to be Affinity Photo. Or is that not what you are seeking to do? Jeff
  6. @justinarts Sorry, which website, Affinity (Serif)? If so, all your purchases should be listed in your Affinity account. If you go there, log in and then go to "Downloads and Product Keys", do you not see them listed?
  7. @justinarts From where did you purchase the apps? The answer to your question depends on this! Jeff
  8. @mrwayyne Welcome to the Affinity forums. Using Affinity Photo "save" will automatically save as afphoto type. To create a .jpg or indeed almost any other format, you need File>Export, and choose the format you wish to use. HTH Jeff
  9. @SteveRoberts I see your installed version of PS is CS6. I have Adobe Audition CS6 and it was 32 bit only. Was PS CS6 the same? if so, its plugins must also be 32 bit, but APh requires the 64 bit versions. So, you may need to consider installing the 64 bit version of your plugins. Jeff
  10. @SteveRoberts I can't speak for your ON1 plugins but I have the Nik 3 collection installed and usable in APh, under Windows, except for Perspective Efex which doesn't work in APh.
  11. @Janice LeMay It would be very useful to know exactly which program, and which specific features and what do you mean by "glitches"? Jeff
  12. I can confirm this! Downloaded a couple of sample files from here <Mod Edit>NOTE that site is serving up empty so invalid X3F files </Mod Edit>. Latest release version says they are an "Unsupported file type" (as expected, I think); latest beta crashes immediately to desktop. Jeff
  13. @michel guilhou Welcome to the Affinity forums. First, I strongly suggest you remove your email address from this public forum unless you are happy for it to be harvested by spam bots! Second, which OS do you use, Mac or Windows? Then, where did you buy the app originally, Affinity Store or Mac or Windows Stores? If you bought direct from Affinity, on your new computer simply log into your account go to "Downloads and product keys" and redownload and install the software, entering your product key when required. If you originally purchased from the appropriate App Store, simply log into that store on your new computer, making sure you use exactly the same login details as you used when you first purchased the app and you should be able to download and install the app. HTH Jeff Google Translate: Bienvenue sur les forums Affinity. Tout d'abord, je vous suggère fortement de supprimer votre adresse e-mail de ce forum public à moins que vous ne soyez heureux qu'elle soit récoltée par des robots collecteurs de mails! Deuxièmement, quel système d'exploitation utilisez-vous, Mac ou Windows? Ensuite, où avez-vous acheté l'application à l'origine, Affinity Store ou Mac ou Windows Stores? Si vous avez acheté directement auprès d'Affinity, sur votre nouvel ordinateur, connectez-vous simplement à votre compte, accédez à "Téléchargements et clés de produit" et téléchargez à nouveau et installez le logiciel, en entrant votre clé de produit si nécessaire. Si vous avez initialement acheté sur l'App Store approprié, connectez-vous simplement à ce magasin sur votre nouvel ordinateur, en vous assurant d'utiliser exactement les mêmes informations de connexion que celles que vous avez utilisées lors de votre premier achat et vous devriez pouvoir télécharger et installer l'application.
  14. @Joe_M Welcome to the Affinity forums. These are the forums for the Affinity range of products from Serif. All your listed apps are now Legacy products and have their own forum here. However, since this is a question concerning network deployment in an educational context of these apps I suspect you will need to contact Serif direct. This post might prove helpful to you. Jeff
  15. @Racahel Just to clarify: are the colours "changed" on-screen or simply when you actually print the designs, i.e. the printed output is different?
  16. @TheFellaLondon By default, Windows saves all downloaded files to C:Users\[your user name]\Downloads. Have you checked that location for the missing installer? There is no reason to think it would "self-destruct" if not actually installed by June 20th! My understanding is that the 90 days begins from the day you install and first use the software. HTH Jeff
  17. @Sayan Kunti Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since the offer has already run for at least three months I doubt it will reappear anytime soon, but who knows? Jeff
  18. @Megnusin You've posted to the "Designer Bugs found on Windows" forum. Clearly, it is at least a similar bug to the subject of this thread but really ought to be posted to the relevant Mac forum area. Perhaps a moderator will see you post and move it to the "Designer Bugs found on Mac". Jeff
  19. @graphos Not seeing that here! To test, I opened Designer, went to File>Open, navigated to a folder, opened one .afdesign file (did nothing to it), closed the file and closed Designer. Re-opened Designer, went to File>Open and it went to the folder I had just had open. Have you ever opened the System 32 folder, even "accidentally", whilst working in Designer?
  20. @taxineil I don't own an iPad but I understand that the purchase of Affinity apps for it are direct from the iPad App store; hence, no "Affinity" account, since it records only purchases made directly from Affinity/Serif. HTH Jeff
  21. @Diane Davies Welcome to the Affinity forums. As explained earlier in this thread, Affinity Photo is not really designed to link direct to your camera in order to download your pictures. It is an "editor", i.e. software for manipulating those pictures once they are on your computer. You mention that you have previously used Nikon's ViewNX2 to transfer your photos to your computer; is there any reason why you cannot continue to do this? The following is my method, slightly simplified, for downloading and saving my photos: I have a Canon camera and use the dedicated Canon software, EOS Utility, to download the images from my camera to a folder that I designate on one of my hard drives. I create a new folder for each set of pictures, e.g. "Norfolk Holiday", tell EOS Utility to download the chosen pictures to that folder and then let it get on with it. Once downloaded I can then open them at will in Affinity Photo for any "editing" I wish to do. You say I have it preset to only transfer the recent files. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with this approach but, since this suggests you actually leave ALL your photos on your camera's memory card, depending on the camera (and the size of each image) and the capacity of your memory card, there will come a time, eventually, when the card is full and no more pictures can be saved to it. Although I have a large, 128GB card in my camera, once I am happy the files are all safely and properly transferred to and saved on my computer, I use my camera's own internal software to format the memory card, thus completely clearing it and leaving maximum space for future photos. You do not need to do this, but this approach suits me! HTH Jeff
  22. Then simply log in to your Affinity account and download the latest version of the three apps.
  23. @lettergothic Those really are (relatively) "old" versions! Where did you originally purchase them, and which OS do you use? The method of update is different, depending whether you originally purchased from the relevant App Store, or direct from Serif/Affinity. Jeff
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