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  1. you should look if you haven't had your money deducted; you wouldn't be the first person whose transaction fails but their money is deducted.
  2. I have spoken to sales support via e-mail several times; the last response I received included this: "I have spoken with our accounts team, who checked our system whilst I was with them. There are no payments showing for yourself. At this point I can only suggest that if your bank are adamant that the payment completed, then they will be able to arrange a "charge back" for you, where they will take the funds back from us. The issue is a result of the two-step authentication that pops-up to confirm payment, this pop up comes directly from the card issuing bank not ourselves, and not something that we have any control over. " I say the same thing; it is impossible that it is an authentication problem of any kind because I have made many purchases; for much larger values; even recurring payments with my card and I have never had any problems, in fact a few hours ago I made a purchase in Spain and I had no problems. The bank tells me that the transaction was successful; it is not shown as "pending", they also confirm that the card has no restrictions or blockages of any kind. I insist that the problem is not ours; it is a problem of either the payment provider or the company's platform.
  3. Another person to the group of those who made the purchase, the transaction was successful because the money was deducted from the accounts, but we did not receive any confirmation from Affinity, we need some kind of communication, there are already many people affected to make it a bank error.
  4. Yes, I'm the Colombian guy, Hello ^w^ and no, I couldn't fix it; Affinity support told me to wait 2 or 3 days and the money would be refunded alone, in the bank they told me that the problem wasn't theirs; that it's a matter of the page and that to request a refund I had to wait 30 working days; however after seeing the forum I sent a new email to the support informing that the problem seems to be theirs. Sip, soy el Colombiano, Hola ^w^ y no, no he podido arregarlo; el soporte de Affinity me dijo que esperara 2 o 3 días y el dinero se reembolsaría solo, en el banco me dijeron que el problema no era de ellos; que es cosa de la página y que para solicitar la devolución del dinero debía esperar 30 días laborales; sin embargo luego de ver el foro envié un correo nuevo al soporte informando que el problema parece ser de ellos.
  5. In fact, the same thing happened to me as you say; in my case I did use an e-card. It is a virtual credit card authorized by my bank in company of mastercard, that allows me to use it for international purchases but using the money of my debit account; I can make purchases that require credit card, but I pay them with debit; I have used it many times for purchases in the United States, Spain and other Latin American countries and I had never had problems. I also see that a lot of people are going through the same thing, this must be a platform problem on the Affinity side, it is very unlikely that all banks have the same problem.
  6. It seems that the problem is on Affinity's side, in my case the bank told me that I have to wait 30 working days to be able to ask for a refund; then ask for it and wait another 15 working days while they process it. 45 business days is too long, practically in mid-February. In the Affinity support mail, I was told that the transaction was automatically reversed after 2 or 3 days, but so far nothing has happened.
  7. Good evening, I write from Colombia, I just made the purchase of Affinity Photo, at the time of paying the transaction was rejected by the Affinity page, according to the error by a "payment method rejected", however the money was deducted from my account, I did not receive any mail, and the purchase does not appear in my account, The main problem is that it is not a conventional credit card, but an e-card, those that are charged as a debit card, but are used for international purchases as if they were a credit card. What should I do? P.S: I'm sorry about my English, it's not my native language. Thanks
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