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  1. Not understanding an Raf file lasts 14 seconds and I have not the slowest computer.
  2. Too bad it's still very slow loading of Fuji raw files. Thanks for the other fine work.
  3. Dutch is my native language. As indicated above the I solved it. (Niederländisch ist meine Muttersprache. Wie bereits erwähnt hab ich es gelöst.)
  4. No way I could install the free software under Windows until I have completely removed the old version of Affinity. Downloaded the latest version using the previously obtained product key and installed with the English translation I normally did that in the German language, whether this influence I don't know. And see no problem anymore the Welcome screen was there and everything worked like it was supposed to. Still thanks for the hard work that you do.
  5. To me, this doesn't work. As so many people have problems, there is no other solution.
  6. For me the same as mentioned before. So I'm not seeing the free stuff either in the welcome screen, and it doesn't matter if Windows Firewall is active or not.
  7. De opening van een raf-bestand duurt 14 seconden.
  8. May I know what that bug is for Fuji.
  9. I don't understand, the startup takes that snap at me 7 seconds and an raf open file 17 seconds.
  10. FrankT

    Affinity Photo Beta expired

    The same problems as mentioned above. Do I have to get back to version 15154?
  11. FrankT

    Raw`s still slow to load!!

    It is hoped that for the opening of an RAF file that now 17 seconds a solution can be found.
  12. FrankT


    Thanks for the reply, I do hope that in the future it goes faster.
  13. Thanks for the work. Install no problem only opening Nef 9s and Raf 17s quite long.