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  1. How about this: insert a picture frame. Click Replace Image and pick the image. on the Layers tab (on the right context menu) add a new layer Draw the shape on the new layer Move the image layer under the shape layer. See Image below.
  2. I'm kind of ok with it. It looks like it's being used consistently throughout the UI. Picking up a new application usually entails learning how the developers named stuff.
  3. How are you printing the document? I can open in Preview as a PDF and then pick which pages to print. I can also print to my printer and pick All, Single, Range as the print options.
  4. do you mean a ruled line above or below the paragraph? Did you check the Styles dialog box: Decorations? I think that's where you can put a line above the paragraph or below the paragraph.
  5. Automatic numbering is needed at multiple levels: chapter, section, heading, sub heading along with figures and tables.
  6. I think it's a hoot that we started out with using vi to edit text entering markup codes and then running those text files through a processor (nroff/troff) to get a finished document, improved to WYSIWYG, and now have gone back to editing text files with markup codes. Next you'll be telling me that we can create graphics using the PIC language and a processor. HA
  7. I've used FrameMaker since 1990 when we were running it on Sun IPCs networked to a Sun Server. I *think* that was version 3 of Frame back then. I recently used Quark for a small book, and really don't like how they do stuff. It made me swear out loud. I've never used InDesign and I'm really against Adobe's move to a subscription based approach to their software. And I'll have to check out Sphinx, I've not heard of that one before.
  8. You just made me throw up a little bit. I still have nightmares of trying to do a book using Word.
  9. By way of introduction, I'm a technical writer with over 30 years experience writing end user documentation for enterprise software applications.  I started out using vi and nroff/troff markup codes for 3,000 pages of technical documentation.  Since then I've written and managed technical documentation and technical training projects with hundreds of thousands of pages.

    I'm also an avid photographer and illustrator and really enjoy using AF Photo and Designer in pursuit of those activities.  

  10. @Dave Harris, Not splitting the chapters into separate files would be a real pain to manage, especially if you are working on a team of writers. I worked on technical documentation that was hundreds, if not thousands, of pages long. Having to load that file each time I wanted to work on it would have been an enormous pain. Having book building functionality to control pagination and numbering was critical to managing those chapters plus the Tables of Contents and Indexes. I just downloaded the Public Beta and I'm still working my way through the application, but how are you going to handle chapter and page numbering? Figure and Table numbering? What happens when I need to slide a new chapter in between Chapters 7 and 8 and I have another 9 chapters after 8?
  11. That would be a major showstopper for any technical documentation project. Especially in an Information Mapped document. you need the tables to be inline in the text frame and anchored to the text above and below the table.
  12. As a technical writer with over 30 years experience, I spent much of that time using FrameMaker to write technical end user documentation. I see a lot of potential in the new Affinity Designer. As with any tool, becoming proficient takes a lot of practice, patience, and study. When approaching a new DTP tool, the first thing I want to understand is how the tool facilitates the layout of the page and the flow of the text across those pages: How do the Master pages work to control that flow? Once I understand the text flow, then I start to go through how the paragraph and character catalogs are set up and how they interact with one another. Finally, I need to understand how the automatically generated content (TOCs and Indexes) are managed. Last is how the pieces of the book are managed. I've viewed most of the tutorials and for an application that is in Public Beta ahead of its first launch, they are good to orient you to some of those topics but there needs to be more to really help the user master the tool. I didn't expect to see the full breadth of tutorials needed to fully use this application for commercial work. I've also been using AF Photo and Designer for a while now and people are still adding new video tutorials on how they completed tasks in those applications. Finally, I fully expect that Serif will create the master Workbook for Publisher similar to the ones they created for Photo and Designer. To @zorica3000, I would ask for patience as the new application is developed and enhanced. The current tutorials are short, have gaps and do assume a certain level of basic knowledge, but I think that over time the Affinity team will be adding to the library of videos (as will the user community). I was actually pleasantly surprised by the number of tutorials available for a public Beta. Based on my experience, the technical documentation and training are usually the last things that people focus on. I was lucky working for large software companies that had dedicated staff to develop the documentation and training materials. To @BalsallHeathen, I am so with you on Quark. I'm not affiliated with Serif or Affinity in any way, other than a happy customer who likes what they are creating.
  13. I know you can export Affinity Photo files as SVG and PSD, but why wouldn't you purchase Designer? You said that it's not the default application due to the cost of Illustrator. Designer Is the vector program, and it's priced the same as Photo. They are running a 30% discount on both programs right now, so the cost of Designer is $34. And it has nearly all of the same functionality as illustrator. I don't do UI design, but I've used Designer to create logos and other vector illustrations. Photo is a raster based application. Designer is vector based and it can also handle raster based images within it. There are also separate workbooks you can buy for each program with detailed instructions on how to use them. The book costs about as much as the list price for the application, also, there are online tutorials for the Designer application, just like the ones for Photo.
  14. There's also a way to do this in the Develop Module. It's under the Lens tab> Post Crop Vingette. It works kind of like the vignette section in Lightrorom, though I think it works backwards to Adobe's approach. You have the sliders: Intensity, Scale, and Hardness. Sliding the Intensity to the left darkens the image. Scale changes how much of the image the vignette covers, and hardness the ring of the vignette. I don't see a control for midpoint like in Adobe, where you can adjust the center of the vignette. It's always at the center of the layer you selected. cheers!
  15. MEB, That link to the roadmap is from 2014. Seeing as how this is 2017 is there an updated roadmap showing what's done, what's still to be completed and what's been added to the list? 3-4 years seems like a long time for that one list. It'll be getting it's learner's permit soon.
  16. So you are saying the real solution is for Serif to create their version of After Effects! :D
  17. Issue: When creating new guides by pulling them down from the ruler, the guides are only as wide or tall as the document. They do not extend to the rulers. If you release the mouse and then move the guide again, the guide then is visible across the entire workspace into the rulers. Impact: Minor annoyance, but it is a pain to have to stop and restart moving the guides into place. Repeatable: Yes Please let me know if you need more info.
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