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  1. It sounds to me as though you're trying to edit the images directly from the Apple Photos database. This is a bad idea as it can corrupt your Apple Photos database and make it unusable. 

    If you need to edit pictures in Affinity Photo without using the "Edit in Affinity...' command in Apple Photos, then either export the images from Apple Photos to your Documents folder (or elsewhere) first  and then open them in Affinity Photo; or don't import them into Apple Photos but drag them from your SD card into Documents (or elsewhere) and then open and edit with Affinity Photo.

    Also, if you can't see "Documents" etc when you try to export, you may need to click this button:


    Hope this helps - post back if you need more info.



  2. I don't think Affinity/Serif has any control over the size or layout of the NIK interface. And there's nothing in the NIK interface settings that lets you increase the size of the text or the panels:


    Perhaps click the "Improve the NIK Collection" button and make a suggestion to the NIK developers? The only other thing I can suggest is experiment with different monitor resolutions, but that will affect all your other apps as well so it's not an ideal solution.



  3. You can, but it will be somewhat complicated, and I don't know if it will carry over to the TOC.

    I can only see it working if your original document is not set up with facing pages.

    Suppose you have a 12-page document, and you insert a new page after page 3. It is actually page 4, but you want it to be page 3A.

    Edit the page number for this page - change it to Previous Frame Page Number and type an A after the number. 



    Now use Document - Section Manager to create a new section starting on page 5. Restart the numbering sequence at 4:


    Page 5 of the document is now numbered 4, page 6 is numbered 5, up to page 13 which is numbered 12.


    You can repeat this as many times as you want, remembering that every time you create a section the difference between the number of pages in the document and the page number on the last page will be increased by one.

    I don't know what effect this would have on the TOC or index. At the end of the day, if you increase the number of pages the underlying page numbers will also increase.

  4. My suggestion would be first to make a backup copy in case things go pear-shaped.

    Then open the document, zoom quite a way out, drag all the unwanted frames off the pages into the pasteboard area, and make sure you've flowed the master text frames:


    Then click into one of the unwanted text frames, Select All the text, Cut the text, click into one of the master frames and Paste:


    You can then delete the unwanted text frames.

    Hope that helps,




  5. It may be down to hardware specs rather than OS or application version. I selected all the layers (click on the top layer, shift-click on the bottom layer) and then ran Merge Selected (Shift+Cmd+e), and got a SBOD for about 30 seconds, but then it did merge:



    Lieutenant Commander Scott has been there before you:


  6. 2 hours ago, Callum said:

    allowing you to drag content between them

    You can drag whole pages around the Pages panel to re-order them, but AFAIK you can't drag individual content items between pages in the Pages panel, as it appears the OP requested.

    The best I can suggest is to reduce the view to a very small percentage (depends on your screen size, I went down to around 6.5%) so you can see all the pages, and then drag items on and off the pages, using the grey background as a pasteboard:

    Hope this helps,

  7. Don't despair @viktor.pluhacek! It can be done!

    Just for interest @Callum I've worked out how to add additional styles as the OP requested. 

    I've attached a document which takes you down to Numbered 4, and I've described the process of creating Numbered 5:


    So to create a new level, in this case Level 5:

    Click the hamburger button for the previous level and choose "Create Style Based on..." 

    Create a New Style Based on Numbered 4. Call it Numbered 5. (Actually this should happen automatically which is quite smart...)

    Under Bullets and Numbering, set it to Level 5.

    Go into the Text area. Delete the existing text.

    Click the pull-down and choose Level 1, then type a full stop:



     Now click the pull-down and choose Level 2, then type a full stop:






    Continue until you reach level 5, then insert a Tab character from the pull-down:



    You will then want to switch to the Spacing section and increase the first line indent:


    Which gives you Level 5:



    What you can't do (which annoyed me at first) is duplicate the original style, or you have to start from scratch with the numbering text. Similarly, I don't see how you can edit the Bullets and Numbering text fields after you saved the style, which I think you should be able to. 







    Index levels.afpub

    Massively edited...



    And I can't get rid of this:

    Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 01.32.31.png

  8. Hi,

    It's practically impossible to answer without seeing an example of your .afpub file (not necessarily all of it, just a spread or two) and the exported .pdf, together with the settings you used to export the .pdf. It may be that the printer can't print bleed but it seems highly unlikely given that your final product looks like a perfect bound book.

    EDIT: It would also be handy to have a copy of the printer's specs for pdfs.



  9. To add to the confusion, on some sections of text you've got a Leading Override of 12.5pt combined with a Baseline Shift of 12pt. 

    This is what's causing the problem you posted about - they're pretty much cancelling each other out for most of the text, but after the word 'value' you've turned off the Leading Override and the text has jumped forward. That's why the paragraph break mark after 'value.' is floating over the 'a' of 'acres', and why you've got the odd jump a bit further on.



    Turning off the Leading Override would probably fix it, but you're probably better off turning off both.




  10. Publisher doesn't have Symbols, but you can do it somewhat more simply using Resource Manager. I think you probably need to have your document set to Prefer Linked, not Prefer Embedded.

    Place on image on the page, then duplicate it as many times as you need.

    Group the adjustments with the image frames as per @carl123's suggestion above, then from Document - Resource Manager select the image name and click Replace:


    Choose another image and...






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