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  1. Hi @Robert B. and welcome!

    Have you tried creating a new master page set , portrait orientation to the size of one of your original single pages, with facing pages? Something like this:

    2139322277_Screenshot2021-03-02at07_57_14.png.c14d3a9967ae761167c8ec253fd585e7.png         905486581_Screenshot2021-03-02at07_57_30.thumb.png.0cfeadc37b4d6b9bb105731d5e15bd7c.png


    Then apply this master to your existing pages.

    Not entirely sure what will be the result for left and right folios so maybe try it on a backup first.




  2. 2 hours ago, typeglyph said:



    My Mac Harddrive is called MacintoshHD and the folder is called Documents2 within is a folder called Jewelry and another folder called images

    I've tried: MacintoshHD/Documents2/Jewelry/images but the images do not get linked.



    Is your hard drive really called MacintoshHD? The default name is Macintosh HD (with a space), although of course you may have changed it.

    And has the folder really been created 'flat' on the hard drive?

    In most cases I would expect it to be somewhere like

    Macintosh HD/Users/your_user_name/Jewelry/images/

    One way of finding out for sure, in Finder, is to click on the folder and then type Cmd-I (the letter, for Get Info). This will bring up a window like this:


    I've blurred out my user name. The shows you where the folder is. The path for this folder would be:

    Macintosh HD/Users/myusername/Documents/Affinity Stuff/

    However, you can make it easier on yourself...

    Just place the csv file in the same folder as the images. That way you can just use the file names, including the .jpg (or whatever) name extension, without the full path. I have a test Numbers spreadsheet with dummy data which links to Affinity Designer files in the same folder, like this:



    The exported .csv is kept in the same folder as the  ".afdesign" files and they link fine into Publisher.

    Post back if you need more info.





  3. Assuming you mean in Affinity Photo, here's one way.

    Add a Channel Mixer  Adjustment, choose the Green output channel and adjust the green slider until you get a pink background:


    Now add a Recolour Adjustment. Your background will change colour temporarily, but drag the Recolour Adjustment below the Channel Mixer Adjustment in the Layers panel and all should be well:

    You can now use the sliders in the Recolour Adjustment to set the colour, saturation and lightness of your illustration:

    I expect there are other ways too..





  4. Hi @Dan B and welcome! From the Affinity Photo menu choose My Account:




    If you bought Photo from either the Apple or the Microsoft App Stores, you'll need to create an account with Serif and register your app. This is free. If you bought Photo (macOS or Windows version) from the Serif store, you'll already have an account - the details are not necessarily the same as those you used to sign in to this forum.


    Once you've got that set up, you can download the overlays, and as @jmwellborn says, they'll be available in your Assets panel.



  5. 28 minutes ago, CatonaPC© said:

    My understanding was that upon registering my App Store copy of Photo, I'd get any updates direct from Serif.

     If you bought your original application from the Apple App Store, then you will get your application updates from the Apple App Store.

    It's that simple.  If (and only if)  you register your Apple App Store purchase and ownership with Serif, then you will have access to any free content (incredible or otherwise)  that Serif choose to distribute.



  6. 1 hour ago, CatonaPC© said:

    And I think, in all fairness, as a customer from almost the very beginning, I could have been accorded a complimentary product key


    Thing is that when you buy any software from Apple or Microsoft, you are their customer, not Serif's. Apple/MS transfer a proportion of the purchase price to Serif (minus marketing, distribution, tax...) and Serif benefit from world-wide distribution, marketing and sales networks that they couldn't hope to emulate themselves.

    But Apple and Microsoft don't pass on customer details to the software developers, so even if they wanted to (for sentimental reasons or whatever), Serif couldn't transfer your Apple/Microsoft licence key to their own store, let alone turn you into a marketing prospect.

    However, consider the case of extra content (brushes, overlays, backgrounds, macros...) 

    Serif could have gone down the road of in-app purchases from the Apple/MS stores for this,  but right now they ask for an optional registration to their own store for all the extra goodies. And this is a smart move, because it gives them direct access to customers who have bought their products from the Apple/Microsoft stores.

    For example: I bought Photo and Designer from the Apple App Store, and Publisher from the Serif Store. I thus have an account with Serif. When Photo 1.9.0 offered me free content (fog, snow, clouds etc) I logged in to my Serif account and downloaded them. Serif now know that I have Photo, even though I didn't buy it from them. And they can target their marketing accordingly.

    Prime example of British ingenuity...


  7. If you choose a preset (rather than Inferred) or import one then the name should appear in the Adjustment controls:


    This is on Big Sur, I would hope Catalina would work the same way.

    You can also manually rename the adjustment layer in the Layers panel, although it's a bit more of a chore:


    If you're processing a lot of images in the same way, then using a Macro coupled with a Batch Job might be the way to go.

    3 hours ago, Sofa Gas Rue said:

    If this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.

    Seems right to me :)



  8. 10 minutes ago, cutout3 said:

    So whenever they come out with a 2.0 version we will have to buy again if we want it?  Correct?


    10 minutes ago, cutout3 said:

    The next upgrade may be 2.0 then?

    Who knows? We may get 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 before 2.0 appears.


    11 minutes ago, cutout3 said:

    If true that means if I wanted that, I'd go ahead and purchase again?


    12 minutes ago, cutout3 said:

    Or I could just keep using 1.9? 


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