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  1. I recently released a new product on Creative Market and thought I would share it with this community. 10 Vector Textures https://creativemarket.com/kylechicoine/1154116-Vector-Textures These textures were created using the Adobe Capture app, then setup for both Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer. I would love to hear what you think if you check these out. If you end up purchasing them, please share what you create with them. Thanks!
  2. When saving a file in Affinity Designer, the file extension .afdesign doesn't appear in the file name. Wondering if this is a bug that can be corrected for the next update? I've attached a screen shot for reference.
  3. I export the files as .eps and .pdf for my clients. I also provide them with jpeg and png files for use on the web. Here is a really good article the will explain files types you should give to your clients. http://www.melissayeager.com/blog/2016/your-logo-brand-identity-files
  4. One feature I use all the time in Adobe Illustrator is the hide function. I think being able to hide an object to access the objects below it would be a nice addition to a future update to Affinity Designer.
  5. Thanks retrograde! Did you go to Rifflandia this year?
  6. I wanted to share a project I completed using Affinity Designer. I worked with a client to redesign her interior design business logo. You can view the work in my portfolio by visiting this link. Aundra Skinner Interiors I know my client is happy with her new logo. I would love to hear what others think as well.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has made a suggestion to a warp feature. Adobe Illustrator has one where you can warp text and objects with arches, arc, upper and lower arc, flag wave, fish eye, inflate, etc. I believe this would be a very welcome addition to the features that Affinity Designer can offer.
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