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  1. As I'm working in English and French as well, I know the French typographic rules are sometime more complexe than English's (and Orthographe and grammaire!!!). I hope a day Antidote will work with APublisher. comme je travaille en anglais et francais aussi bien je connais que les regles typographies francaise sont plus complexes que l'anglais. J'espere un jour Antidote travaillera avec APublisher.
  2. Yes... it's a huge limitation in this case! Page Plus X9 isn't better on that! or any tools. For a customer I needed to open a file he created with LibreOffice to make the layout of his book. He needed to remove some folios on blank pages and few light adjustments here and there. With APublisher I could do the job without difficulties. Even better than using Acrobat Pro! Of course, in this very case text flow was ineffective but all blocs were intact at the right place, texts with font and illustrations as well. APublisher can be a comprehensive tool for layout designer and prin
  3. The best way is to export your projects to PDF. In any case you'd able to open it in future versions. I tried out to work with APublisher without any loss. It work great! Yees. PDF can be opened with ADesigner, Photos or Page Plus X9, thus your work will be not lost forever. On my side I use APublisher everyday to crerat covers of books and flyers. never encountered a crash!!!
  4. A (great) software with the main purpose to make layout for books, flyers, posters, advertising material, publications… all about printed material. More, you'll get a great software with drawing abilities. I love it!!! Currently it don't have all the bells and whistles like Indesign, Qxpress or Page Plus X9, but don't forget APublisher is currently only on its Beta stage. But what a Beta damn!!!! I'm in need to get my license soon. Go on, you'll not be disappointed with it! On the other hand if you don't have ADesigner and APhoto, get them too.
  5. Only a few words about this great piece of software: - I tried to install IndesignCC on a low end PC with a tiny Intel Celeron with Win 7... Doesn't work! - Affinity Publisher (beta) on the same computer: Works very well. So, you know what is the one I'll use... Of course Apub doesn't have all the features PageX9 has but it's a great soft as well. My 2 cents.
  6. A thread about Data merge exists on this forum but only in English no, this function don’t exist in the beta phase even not when the first commercial release will be launched. Many functions will not be implemented in the first steps, but later we can expect more tools. after all it’s only a beta.
  7. Hi everyone ! such a lot of work on this excellent beta! so, my question is about footnotes and endnotes, a feature that is fully useful for several publications I publish. Is a roadmap for them in a next time? thanks!
  8. In first: GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!! Amazing Masterpiece of software. And yet it's only a Beta!!!! By By Adobe... so, as I'm playing with AP, I've a question, as other users do! I'd like to create master facing pages, the function doesn't work yet? A function I frequently use into the San Jose's soft is the footnote. When in AP? Thank U guy, you've done a very wonderful job. Since the commercial version is for sale I'll take my license, of course....
  9. hi! I get the same case: as a cartographer, I used in the past the excellent freehand (Macromedia). I was able to change a style if necessary—stroke or fill - color, width, etc.—then update all the elements where the style applied. In AD, it seems impossible to do the same way.
  10. Oh yes I'm dreaming about Affinity suite for Linux... Just a dream...
  11. Hi! I'm Patrick Allen, book publisher and designer, cartographer and writer… fallen in one with Affinity's softwares. eager to work with Affinity Publisher now…
  12. Hi! One point before to start this topic: you are doing a huge and great job!!! Yes! I'm in love with your softwares… Please go ahead in this way then! So, I'm a professional publisher (book publisher) and daily user of Indesign since years ago. But, at least I don't want to be hocked with Adobe's subscription yet. I'm seeking for a viable alternative. Some years ago too I worked with an excellent software, Freehand, shamefully killed by Adobe (yes, again!). It's very late I'd found a nice alternative: Affinity Designer. What's my question of the day? Will Affinity Publisher manage the
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