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  1. Of course there is a room for additional lines, but did you try it to expand the Title to 2 (or more) lines? In that case the author will be moved down. My idea is to avoid additional paragraph adjustments with space before/after if some paragraph changes its length. It is useful only with a few starting paragraphs, not the whole text.
  2. How do you plan to fix it to stay at the same possition if the Heading is expanded to 2 or more elines?
  3. And what if the Heading "From Cultural..." from the left page is expanded to 2 or 3 lines (as it usual happens with the authors when making corrections)? You will have to adjust the next paragraph with space before or after.
  4. Of course we can't. This is a suggestion for a new feature. You'll have to analize the text before you set the values.
  5. Empty line returns? Why? Do you use line returns instead of space before/after? I just want to say to Publisher -- start paragraph A 30 mm from the top of the page, paragraph B at 45 mm, paragraph C at 65 mm...
  6. Imagine you setup 4 guide lines on a master page and set paragraphs A, B, C and D to start from there respectively. Always from the fix distance from the top of the page/margin.
  7. Hi, As known, we have space before and after to make fixed size room between paragraphs. If we add/remove text from those paragraphs they go up or down. But, there are situations when we want some paragraphs like headings, subheads... to start at a fixed distance from the top of the page or top of the margin (see the 2 pages PDF example in the attachment). In this example, paragraphs with the same letter must start from the same distance from the top of the page no matter if the paragraph above it changes its number of lines. NOTE: Please, do not offer guide lines on the master page(s), or creating a table or creating separate text blocks. This is about a book with continuous text flow. Distance.pdf
  8. We may expect Adobe will start again to redo its trio from scratch. i don't think they are very happy what is happening here with Affinity.
  9. I don't know what the principle is, but I found some other panels that are listed in other menus as they are in "Studio".
  10. If you export JPG with 95% quality instead of 100% you'll reduce the file size for about 50%.
  11. BTW, I wonder why "Text Wrap" panel is located under "Text" menu instead in "View > Studio"?
  12. You setup the "Text Wrap" to the text frame. Just remove it and everything will be OK.
  13. I would rather dig an olympic size swimming pool manually than dealing with footnotes in app that does not support them.
  14. Have you tried not to select any character? It works. For applying paragraph attributes you don't have to select any character, just place the cursor anywhere inside the paragraph. So?
  15. I must be boring repeting myself. I wonder how you don't see or understand. You selected one character, but whole line is moved. It will be the same if you select 2 or more characters. Each time whole line will be moved. So. it is paragraph attribute. Now, I will stop responding to your posts any more. I got tired, sorry.
  16. Leading override is applyed to a row not to a character(s). "Character" and "Character style" deals with characters and "Paragraph" and "Paragraph Style" deals with rows. Because "Leading" is a paragraph attribute which controls space between lines (rows), so is "Leading override".
  17. It has nothing in common with baseline shift. It moves whole raw up or down no matter how many characters are selected. So, because it deals with rows, it is a paragraph attribute.
  18. Wouldn't it be easier if the document was set up as single pages, not facing ones?
  19. ... and nothing changes if you select another page on "Pages" panel, also.
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