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  1. Mastropiero

    Shape crop size

    Dan, many thanks for that, it does help a bit and it would certainly solve the problem if I printed my pics at home, unfortunately I don't so I took the file to the lab for printing. Does this mean I have to tell them that they must pay attention to the scaling option when printing? I doubt it, I would assume they'd do it by default, or would they? Haven't got a clue.... I am assuming the mistake comes from my end but I am failing to see it. By the way, resolution was set at 360 DPI.
  2. Hi everyone. This might sound a bit silly but please bear with me. I needed to crop part of a picture using a heart shape, and the cropped piece needed to be a certain size. So, I used the elipse tool using a heart shape, dragged it across the part I needed to include, went to the "transform" tab and added the height and width I needed. I used "mm" and Photo took care of the rest. This didn't work as planned, I printed the selection on a transparent background and the image was probably 20% the size it needed to be. I am pretty sure that the problem I have is that I don't have a complete understanding of the whole resolution/size/format aspect of editing. I suppose the problem is that I must alter the size of the document depending on the size the picture is gonna be printed? I used the default setting for document size, the pic having been taken with a m4/3 camera. Then I printed the picture (have had it printed, actually) on 10x15. I have the feeling that in order to have a 55 x 55 mm picture (the size I need the selection to be) I should have printed it on a larger format or that I should've resized the document before getting to work on it. In short, how do I get the 55 x 55 mm selection I make on screen to correspond to a 55 x 55 mm printed image? Many thanks and sorry for asking something so basic.
  3. True, thanks a lot, I had read about that recommendation and totally forgot to do it. Many thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I am stuck trying to make a label for a certain product, it is a silly little project. I have done the work in Affinity Photo so I placed everything in Designer, into a circle since the label will be circular. So far so good. I am trying to type something along the line of the circle, got there, found out how to do it but the problem is that as soon as I select the artistic text tool, or I convert my circle to a text path, everything disappears. So, to explain better, screenshots: I'd like to type stuff on the inside of the circle, so I select Artistic Text, go to the outside of the circle (want to do it clockwise) until the icon changes to the wavy "T", click and everything disappears. The problem is that after I am done typing sure enough what I've typed is still there but I cannot get the image back. Actually what happens is that what I type will be typed in a transparent font and I can see the background through it, doesn't matter if i choose a different font colour, it won't change..... So I can sort of see my image through my text but the only way I can get it back is going back a few steps. I know I am doing something wrong but would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Many thanks.
  5. Mastropiero

    How to extract edges?

    Hi everyone, thanks for your answers, this is something that could work, I will try both methods anyway and see what gets me closer to what I'd like.
  6. Hi everyone, first post here, glad to be here. I have been browsing a lot through the FAQ and also searched extensively but I haven't manage to find quite what I am looking for, I apologize in advance if I missed something. I am working on a small project and I would like to use the image of a bengal tiger, but not the whole image, just the edges. I'd take this image, for instance: Let's say I'd only use the portrait of the tiger but I am not interested in anything but the edges. Kind of what I see when I muck about with the High Pass filter. I'd like to take "those edges" sans the gray background and place them on top of something else. The latter part is not important, I'd find the way to do it, but I haven't been able to isolate or to extract just the outline of the stripes/spots/eyes etc.... I am sorry if I am not making myself very clear, hope I do, but English is not my mother tongue and also photo editing is far from being my area of expertise so I am probably using the wrong terms, so I apologize. Many thanks for your help.

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