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  1. I followed strictly your instructions, but the PANTONE color was not shown in "Output Preview".
  2. It is not strictly Affinity proprietary as I found those libraries years ago in some other software, but I can't recall its name now.
  3. Here you can find all PANTONE libraries in CSV (text) format. You can open it in Excel (the best option) or with some other text editor and see all RGB and CMYK values: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\Resources\Pantone
  4. In these 2 examples you didn't use text styles because you can't do it with them. You just, simply, can't set inside text style which line(s) you want to apply the leading override (LO) to. Personally I don't use LO (and do not recomend it, at all) because it changes the rhytm of the text, the "color" of the page (darker or lighter) as authors like James Felici, Nigel French, James Craig, Robert Bringhurst... advice. I always use fixed leading (not Auto) because I don't like inline graphic(s) to change the leading on the line(s) they appear. In this case I would resize the graphic (make it smaller) or change the leading value in the text style to be applyed globally. In cases of drop caps and small caps on the first line of the paragraph, which is usually used in the opening paragraphs (just after the subtitles) I would use bigger leading. Of course you can use LO freely where you want, this is just my opinion.
  5. 1. Taht's exactly want I want to say. If you need to apply different leading override to a multiple places creating styles is not appropriate. 2. I agree with this. I put graphic on separate line because I usually use align to baseline grid for the body text. Math equations atract more attention if they are on separate lines like other graphic elements even they are short and the same size as the body text.
  6. To a any number of chars (4-5 or more) with different leading override with one character style.
  7. Have you read my answer to Walt: apply the character style to at least 4-5 characters, but with different leading override values?
  8. 1. I don't understand what you mean by hand rolling. 2. Making adjustments means that all paragraphs to which that paragraph style is applied will change.
  9. Would you be so kind and give me an example, but bear in mind to apply the character style to at least 4-5 characters, but with different leading override values?
  10. It would be nice if you add an invisible marker for the leading override just to know where it is in case we want to change it. Right now, it is very hard to locate the position of the marker and it can't be adjusted if we try at other location. Also, IMO, leading override must be located only in Character panel and removed from Text styles because its real usage is for local adjustments which is not possible with styles. Leading and Leading Override have the same functionality inside text styles.
  11. Sorry for my Indian English. I hope it is better than your Macedonian?
  12. IMO, until the image is not rasterized, it acts like a "smart object" in Photoshop.
  13. Yes, and somebody can printed if needed to have hard copy.
  14. It would be nice if they are for the first (imported) text frame, by default as they are resized on the other pages when you SHIFT click on the red triangle.
  15. Yes, I'm aware of that, but I want to use already implemented feature in Publisher -- click anywhere on the page and a text frame appers. The problem is the size of the frame is the same from the original document (I think) and it is not resized to the column or page margins.
  16. The same problem when placing text into Publisher. Text frame must fit the column or page margin.
  17. Hi, when I place text, the center of the first text frame is positioned on the place where I click with the mouse. IMO it must resize automatiaclly to fit the margins; I can't find the rotation center neither inside the text frame, nor on the Control bar.
  18. Hi, is it, by any chance, possible Affinity Spotlight to become a monthly PDF magazine? Something like Adobe has Creative Pro (ex. InDesign Magazine)?
  19. How many? Thousands of them? I find it much more practical to palce a stock photo to fit the artboard by holding some modifier key while dragimg it.
  20. It is not practicle. If I create a template it will be only for one size. What If I need some other size?
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