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  1. Здраво, вдамјановски. Дали успеав да налетам на еден Македонец на овој Форум? Ако живееш во МК (Скопје) сврти на 075 39-39-49 да се чуеме. Поздрав.
  2. What are the future directions of APh: editing; photo managment; painting, or mixture of everything?
  3. @AshTeriyaki: I think you didn't read, or understood (if so, please apologize for my bad English) my posts #28 and #29 carefully.
  4. When selecting a Push Tool the cursor changes to circle. Then, when you start pushing the object it changes the object's shape. It does not cut, add, merge, divide or else, just deforms the shape. It would be nice, also, to choose the cursor shape between circle or square or even something else for interesting effects.
  5. No one can accurately determine which feature to which app belongs.
  6. To continue my previous post: 1. when APh and Apub starts, you will see all the same feature requests; 2. there are, already, 70% of APh and Apub features in AD; 3. if they continue to fulfill our requests you will get what I mentioned previous -- only one app. When an upgrade comes for AD and they put, let's say 10 new features -- you pay for the upgrade. Then an upgrade comes for the APh and -- hey there are the same 10 features, but OK, you pay again for the same upgrade but with different name. Then an upgrade for the APub...?!?!?!
  7. @Dale: There is no illustrator that needs features that are in only one app. They need features from all three apps but some more, some less. And not illustrators need the same features. Somebody will force bitmap app, th other one vector app, and so on. So, it is definitly ONE application what is the best for every illustrator, designer, photographer (yes!) and other kind of artists. No one of them buys only AI, but also PS and some of them ID. And, very important, all new features AD users suggest, bellong in all three apps -- Designer, Photo and Publisher. ;)
  8. @Ben: I've already offer few good suggestions. BTW, I had a Mac for a few days and downloaded AD, so, at a glance I saw what is missing. Also, I am at DTP business for a 20+ years, so it is not very hard for me to suppose what to suggest. And, I am going to offer more options in the future, if you don't mind. ;) @Vanish: Yes, there are options, but not so elegant as in CorelDRAW. Can you imagine how more suggestions I would offer if I have Mac and AD? :rolleyes:
  9. Our wages are not the same. If you need a month to buy MacBook Pro, I need a year. So, yes -- it's real!!!
  10. @Jobalou, Ben, Retrograde: Specifically in Adobe, after few years, they will sell us three apps (PS, AI and ID) with all the same possibilities but with different approach and shortcuts and we will have to pay for 3 apps instead for one. This could happen to Affinity, too. It will be better to pay, let say $100, for one app instead od $150 (3 x $50) for three. What I want to say, many tools will be not duplicated but triplicated like in PS, AI and ID and in PagePlus, DrawPlus and PhotoPlus. So, why to pay more? BTW, no one uses any app features for 100% without distinction of his/hers proffesional abilities.
  11. I don't have an Apple computer, which means that I don't have Designer too. So, I suppose that these features are not implemented into AD. If I'm wrong, I appologise: 1. Drawing pies and arcs like CorelDRAW (while Shape Tool is selected in CDR): if you press the left button of the mouse on the circle/elipse control point and move outside it -- you get arc; if you press the left button of the mouse on the circle/elipse control point and move inside it -- you get pie; pie and arc tools could be implemented to all smart object for an interesting effects. 2. You shoud remove the rounded rectangle tool from tools palette. 3. You should move rectangle and elipse tool inside smart objects tool. rounded/normal rectangle can be managed by using smart snapping indicators like in any other smart object. rounding should go up to the centers of the horizontal lines, to get circle (for an example) if you are rounding square.
  12. @Ben: No, I don't expect all CS to be into one app, but ID, AI and PS -- yes. And, it will be fine if all three Afinity apps are merged into one. But it is my opinion, I don't expect that everybody will share it.
  13. To quote myself: The same reason qualifies for Adobes' apps, Sherifs' also...
  14. I thought to put the price also as one of the reasons, but it could be the ONLY reason why there are three apps instead of one. +1 for PAPER.
  15. But, they (will) share over 50% of features/code like Serif "...Plus" applications do. So, it will be very nice if it gonna be only one application. There are lots of advantages of this aproach: 1. less used resources (hard disk, RAM); 2. only one interface to learn; 3. only one file format; 4. no waste of time for import/export of files between apps; 5. all (three?) teams work together as one on only one app, not like Adobe (they are competition to each other); 6. faster new versions; 7. faster errors/bugs solving problems...
  16. Or, maybe, it will be best if you merge all three aplications into one (code name Designer). ;)
  17. Text tool was just for example. I mean for all features that are going to be shared between your three aplications.
  18. Please, when working on Photo and Publisher, do not make the same mistake as Adobe. They implement same features, like Text tool for example, differently and even with different shortcuts. It is very difficult to work and remember all these features this way.
  19. With this situation, palettes in AD, on some monitors, take about 1/5 of the working space. But, here is an efficient way to free more of it. I got this idea from Canvas. My opinion is that palettes in AD should be moved to the position as in Canvas -- on a horizontal row, just bellow the menus. This is more logical and the visibility is much better. They are opened when needed, and their possition make them to be in front of the eyes instead of far right. This way, there would be more working space and there would, also, be more space for more options to be seen when pallete is open (from top of the monitor to the bottom without being distracted by other opened palletes).
  20. Do you consider of your version of Adobe Bridge? Just to be complete.
  21. No, Jens it is not. As I mentioned in my previous post this repositioning was available only when I was using Papyrus and was not available to any other software using the same printer.
  22. When printing duplex, the printout does not match, usually. First/second page has to be repositioned for a small amount of units. So, can you add this option to print dialog box to offset one of the pages to fit each other while printing (on paper or PDF) instead of reposition them in AD? I saw this feature in Papyrus (text processor) and it is very usefull.
  23. Also a support for a CDX files. I have a huge collection of them: 100.000+. It would be very nice to use it with AD. Also a support for a XAR (Xara Designer) files.
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