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  1. Thanks. I used the CMD J method initially by just simply duplicating it. I guess AD artboards are not as similar to illustrator's
  2. So does the recent update allow multiple pages PDF export in the paid Designer app? EDIT: I see the process requires Artboards, then copy contents over to individual artboards...not really liking the flow. Can't we just export, each main GROUP is a page? this will save a lot of headaches.
  3. Forgot to mention, this is on a wall display that you can walk up to, so yes it does need to be sharp. Matt, I will resend the file with the mail drop.
  4. Yes OS X Yosemite and above. How can I enable this 'mail drop'? Printing 20cm x 10cm 300dpi file to 2m x 1m is not the same no?
  5. That's weird, I gave you access. Please keep trying and let me know. If you are unable to access it, is there an alternative?
  6. Hi Happy Kitten, I have emailed you a shared link to the file. Let me know if you've received it. Thanks!
  7. Hi Matt, How would you like me to send you the file? Do you have an email? I've tried the export at 192 dpi, but would like to know how to get a 400 dpi to export. Cheers.
  8. Hello, my affinity file is currently is crashing Photo and Designer when I try to export a PDF for printing. How can I get this to print? It's for a wall piece. The file is 2 meters x 1 meter, 300 dpi 15" Macbook Pro mid 2014 retina, 2.8 Ghz, 16Gbs
  9. Hello Matt, Saving 'test' to desktop appears to work for me, but the problem of saving a New or previous files back in the original 'Work' folder is still not working. I have tried: first restarting, of course, then Open AD, starting new document copy over art work from previous "might be corrupted" file renaming and saving back into 'work' folder still no luck As for "It's also worth running Disk Utility, clicking on the name of your main partition and choosing 'Repair Disk Permissions' as that does seem to go wrong more than you'd hope! :S" - not sure if I should try this as you mentioned it goes wrong more than I'd hope... Thanks, J
  10. Attached screenshot. AD now won't let me save New projects or previous files...
  11. I think the file might be corrupted from the crash earlier...anyway to uncorrupt and leave the dark side?
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