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  1. The current isolation mode in AD can actually edit shapes, the only issue is we don't see the other layers like the one in Illustrator where the layers are a bit translucent when you isolate them. For us artist who create detailed artworks, the editable-in-isolation mode is very important when there's already lots of layers. It seems Affinity Designer is prioritizing designers who create UI art. For now I only use AD for coloring, I like the way how you can color & add gradients easily in AD But for vectoring from scratch, I don't recommend AD, due to lack of complete editable-in-isolation mode and shape builder tool.
  2. Just want to say that when I changed to Windows version of Affinity, the renaming double click bug doesn't appear. So I guess this bug is only on mac.
  3. Regarding the symbol management +1 on me, because it's getting tedious on finding that specific symbol once you created a lot already especially when creating UI for Mobile games and apps. Maybe a way like "Find this symbol on panel" something
  4. Hello, I just want to say the bug is still on version 1.5.5 mac Yes we can relearn or solve it for now using click once only or deselect then double clicking it. We used to work where we double click the layer to rename them but currently it's different so User Experience wise it's a frustrating bug.
  5. I agree, like every time you change your colour, the given values or hues should automatically changed, It's really convenient. :)
  6. Noted! I'll check them out now :) Thank you sir! more power :)
  7. Hi! AD was an awesome app and I already bought it yesterday, just hoping that you can add a feature like in Illustrator, the "Recolor Artwork" It's a very helpful and advance feature for us Designers aside from just adjusting using HSL or Recolor adjustment layer. :) And another one, a feature where you can drag the shape holding the space key while using shape tool. :) Last but not the least a "Color Guide" tab where the program gives you diff. shades, tints, values of colour you clicked with an option of Complementary, Analogous, etc. Take your time and more power to AD guys! :) Thanks!
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