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  1. It's a usability issue regardless. It's unexpected behavior, and these "little things" as you put it, pile up, and I can't get behind a decision to "visit usability at a latter time." The core features are great, it's the little things that make this application NOT worth leaving Illustrator. Sure, you have to "unlearn" a bunch of stuff, but there should be some semblance of intuitive interactions. Micro interactions are a key component of a users workflow, especially in design, where repeated interruptions become a key consideration when contemplating abandoning a tool. This bug, coupled
  2. Found this after posting.. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10706-rounded-corners/ Why? Why a specific tool (mode) to adjust the radii? Why not make it a global feature? Sure it's how illustrator does it and Affinity is "different" but when you use the same quick keys, and have some of the exact same tools/features with a modern featurette, you have to make some reasonable accommodations when it comes to little things like this. Creating an entirely different tool to get around quick entry of radii doesn't make sense.
  3. Man.. I can't tell you how frustrating radii as a percent of OAL are. I want an 8px radius on a 960px sq box... Now I gotta do math and stuff. Talk about a workflow/process drain. 8% of 960px = 76.8 - Yeah No way do I want that. 1% of 960 = 9.6px - Nope, not even close, in fact WORSE, it's so damn close and wrong, that it's going to cause problems @2x. Oh snaps! 2X I forgot about that. Whats the 2x equivalent? 0.833% #MIND BLOWN## Please spare us this nonsense. Only reference to this issue I can find without sinking more time into this. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/ind
  4. When I go to File > Open, Affinity crashes. This is the only Affinity file I have, where I'm working on a tablet layout using Material Design. Thankfully it's not a production doc, and just a side project.
  5. I noticed there are a few "Share" options. None of which are for Slack. I don't use any of the available options. I work with distributed teams, and we use Slack. Adding the option to send to slack would be great. I know the current share options are basically a freebie with the OS, though at some point it would be nice to export+share to a slack channel or user. Lol.. Messages.
  6. I'm not asking Serif to copy Adobe, but if Affinity is going to keep up with the pack, they'll need to add Artboards. Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop2015 have Artboards. this is critical for designing interfaces, and far more efficient than Layer Comps.
  7. It would be great to have it as a palette instead of a modal. I also noticed that sometime I'm Cmd+T and start typing a font size (42pt) and the selected text changes to "42" - It's almost as if (it is) that even though the Text Modal is visible the text selection takes precedence. This seems like a focus issue. I just tired to replicate the issue and the sollution is to double click the text modal input field BEFORE typing. That extra click is killing me. Cmd+T Should yield a IN FOCUS text modal (please make it a palette) with the font weight selected. Ideal Steps: 1) Type some
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