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  1. @velarde: this is a also a good point and you should open a new feature request thread, so that each request stands on its own and the requests are easier to follow by the Affinity team.
  2. Great! Thanks for the quick answer. I'll collect some and mail them to you.
  3. i got a ton of really good photoshop brushes for my every day digital painting work. when importing them, most of them don't behave like in photoshop. i think some features don't get imported. will there be a 100% import of photoshop brushes?
  4. when selecting an area with the marquee tool, it would be really helpful to move the selection by holding the space bar while holding the mouse (similar to photoshop)
  5. every time i'm changing my brush, my opacity and flow gets reset. are these settings stored within the brush itself? if so: that's not a good thing when painting and gets one out of the flow :)
  6. oh! now i got it ;) yes, your illustration is nearly exactly what i want. so this would be a nice feature for all of us. :)
  7. geibi

    Light Study: Painted USB Stick

    Todays light study with cold light:
  8. Yesterdays painted light study and first impressions with/in Affinity Photo
  9. @paolo.limoncelli this is a really nice workaround and i'll use it until the real tabbing arives. thanks for that!
  10. geibi

    white pixel lines

    i'm drawing with a wacom tablet. sometimes, sometimes many times, i can't draw like expected and additionally get white pixel lines randomly which won't get away when undoing things... see attachment. what am i doing wrong, or is this a bug?
  11. It would be nice if one could not only control brush size and hardness via keyboard shortcuts, but also the flow.
  12. Thanks @MEB, i'll post this suggestion (control the flow via keyboard) in the featurerequests forum.
  13. Opacity and hardness are working like a breeze with option/ctrl and dragging. But i'm also wondering how you can control the flow property via keyboard.
  14. For a better/quicker painting experience, there should be an option to show brush categories in tabs next to each other (not only in the standard dropdown menu) Something like: https://sslproxy.getsatisfaction.com/sslproxy/SWhAdDNLMG5zdGFuVGlWetRbb8z9kvU2Gl6stkUAoH68YTKjCbb4vV2aPeBt-yRX9gamL-OMbd9TtWAAWI8dQ3jMHzd8j1mu1nGXXHDWBvW_AGPtPuGlBgxBNTMy-g-p8Z-rF39b71r1ULIPxCJkiPtitRyCYAQTROHrxyZhFyaDfXYnW9dgYuxpUp80q0hk.jpg Here on the bottom panel the tabs are presented under each other, but i saw this also as tabs next to each other. This would allow lightning fast access to the brush categories and a much faster painting experience :)
  15. I know this might be a rather ambitious feature for the early stages of Affinity Photo, but i have to report my biggest feature request. My girlfriend and i are really enjoying painting collaborative. But this means either one paints and sends the image to the other via mail, or a "hot seat" scenario directly on one PC. I'd love to collaborate in real time maybe via LAN or much better via the web. In my mind this it not too hard for the first sprint: Synchronize layers and the colors/fx on them. Not much more needed. Maybe you could implement this one day. It would make Affinity Photo even more outstanding than it is by now and it would make Affinity Photo the only photo/painting software with such a killer feature :) Best regards