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  1. I purchased Affinity Designer before a year and now 90% i work on Affinity only but really missing RTL support. I am really waiting for Arabic support.
  2. This is my try in Affinity Photo I must write here that this is made by me in Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil
  3. Thanks for detailed reply
  4. I feel that separation preview is very important to see what i am going to print
  5. i think this is gap, because when i draw another rectangle behind these i see that colour in gap
  6. still line is there
  7. i feel that pressure stroke effect should for brush and pencil tool also
  8. i am attaching picture of some box in Affinity designer when i on snapping i see thin hairline between objects please help
  9. rasoolakhter

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I am Akhter Rasool a graphic designer from Kashmir India, i am really feel amazing when ever i design with Affinity designer. 90% now i am using Affinity designer some times i touch Adobe Illustrator and really i feel home atmosphere when i design in designer Really lucky
  10. rasoolakhter

    Perspective Warp

    I am waiting for vector perspective and wrap tool for designer
  11. Really amazing Software i feel happy and now this software is my daily driver