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  1. I don't support any war. It turns out that there are no Russian-speaking people outside of Russia, like in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russian-speakers in France.. Germany (GDR), Kazahstan, Moldova, Armenia.. who have been living for a long time and they speak in Russian. I understand that perhaps there are some cultural complexes. By your actions you confirm the words of Russian propaganda that Russian-speaking people are oppressed all over the world. Russian language in the world, just look at the numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographical_distribution_of_Russian_speakers
  2. I find the problem, sorry (= I didn't know that the raster brushes go to in pixel Persona
  3. Brushes such as ChalkDust by Ian Barnard Frankentoo Texturizer Pro The Rusty Nib by True Grit Texture Supply DAUB® Watercolours & Washes The all compatible with: AF Photo, AF Designer The problem is that after I try to install them it shows that they are installed, but they are not in the list, no difference vector or raster
  4. Hello! 🤚 I can't install new brushes, I bought them from the Affinity Store. Tried installing through from ( My purchases ) I've tried everything nothing helps. Has anyone encountered this? (= Ver.
  5. Yes thanks to re-login solved the problem. It came up when I changed my password in my account. Thanks a lot, have a nice day! 😃
  6. Hello! 🤚 Today I got this ( two pictures ), I can't download the content, shows this error, has anyone encountered this ? How to fix it? Thanks! (=
  7. I copy the triangle and paste it into the telegram, the place of the picture is sent to a set of characters. You can try it yourself, make a shape, click on it, copy and paste into the same discord. It's just very convenient if you work quickly and need to quickly send a file, I use very often Copy from Affinity Photo Paste Telegram Paste Discord
  8. I insert the image in Telegram, in discord the same problem. It was just fine before, no problem to copy and send anywhere.
  9. It stopped working, it used to work fine, after update 1.9 there is a code instead of a picture
  10. I can add that when working with OpenCL, the same brush lags and is very unused to work, I have to turn off OpenCL to work without delays.
  11. As for me, this is not so important. Better to make a unique one picture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I really liked the first splash screen! When I saw the new splash screen a little disappointed. Why the numbers were removed, which version I'm using now I don't understand. Decided to make my own variation of the splash screen, pictures can be different by itself. :)) P.S. Pictures ( shuttle and plane ) taken from the site Affinity.
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