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  1. OK. Wonderful. A real pleasure check again and again that everytime we, the users, have a question is breathtaking how you answer so kind and fast. In plain spanish: Es increíble el feedback en Serif. Te responden en cuestión de horas. En pocos sitios sucede.
  2. Hi, team! I try to make a PNG dithered with transparency background. Is not available to see in a window 2 or more previsualization of an image with different export options in real time? Thanks for your amazing apps
  3. ¡Ánimo Rafael! Enhorabuena por tus tutoriales. Son muy claros y didácticos. Sigue así. Merece la pena Congrats for your tutorials, Rafael! Very clear and so good to learn. Keep on the good work!!!
  4. I hope that the people at affinity will act as always: No copy XPress or InDesign. They will share with us in this forum the best an practical way to do the day by day routines in a publishing application. No doubts about that!!! I do not like some ways to do the publishing stuff in InDesigner.
  5. Several times this topic has been posted, but we have no answer yet. Is a basic thing. Now is confusing for lack of information in the dialog window.
  6. Hello I have several text boxes one behind another in a document. In FreeHand I can select a text box that is behind of another and at that moment the element is active so I can edit the text and make changes. It is not possible in Affinity Designer? I can do Option + Clic and select the element behind, but I can not edit the text. When I tried, the box text goes is deselected and the most front box goes active. Selecting the text box via Layers panel comes to similar results. Thanks.
  7. It would be fantastic that an artboard can not occupy the space of another artboard.
  8. I totally agree. There are not enough info en the resize dialog window. Please, aadd more info to see the old and the new resolution and size of the document.
  9. ¡Problem solved! An artboard was exactly behind another. Thanks a lot! I thought that an artboard can not be touch another one.
  10. Here is the link to the Affinity Designer document and the PDF exported: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sg305xq924f2nxw/Affinity%20Designer%20Bad%20PDF%20Export.zip?dl=0 Thanks
  11. I created a document in Affinity Designer, drop some images in it. I deleted some pages, created some more artboards, renamed all the 17 pages and finally when I export the document as PDF generates a 18 pages PDF. Tried several times, hours and a day after and the result of exporting the document is the same: It generates a page more.
  12. Wonderful book. Purchased, but... Habrá una versión en español?
  13. Hi! Just a basic question. Could I use the Pen tool to make a silhouette for clipping an image, and export the image with the cutout of the silhouette to EPS or native format to place in on another application to be able to change the background every time I want? An example could be a frog with the moon as a background.
  14. The magic word (and this is similar like the old feature in FreeHand) is PASTE INSIDE. Select everything you want, Command + cut, select a polygon and Paste Inside. Voilà! Designer will create a layer with each pasted inside polygon. You can see each element of the layer, select it, delete, it, edit it and so on. I have done so many vector logos and designs that for me is something natural. Affinity designer has for me the most clean interface, power and flexibility of all the popular design and vector applications. I was fed up for the treatment Adobe had with all the users of FreeHand. Now Adobe says Illustrator will be re-optimized and so on... Well, Illustrator WILL NOT change all the old and strange routines and ways it works because a lot of users will be kicked out. Search on the web about FreeFreeHand. Legions of FreeHand users had purchase Affinity Designer. What can I say? Hey, the reason is that Affinity Designer rocks! Personally if I must pay every new big version for me will be a real pleasure.
  15. Thank, R C-R. I have Affinity Designer from the first Betas. But I mean that the trick is about have a portion of the image, not manipulate a layer. It is generally a convention from a long time ago in graphic application on Macintosh. If you have something selected, dragging that element or a portion of that element using Option duplicates that selection and is ”floating” ready to use. The original element remains in its place intact.
  16. If you do not need to manage a lot of pages, like FreeHand, Affinity Designer is the perfect Application to do this kind of work.
  17. Hi! Just a simple question about an very very very old trick. If I have a selection and I move it with Option (Alt for Windows) the action is not duplicate this selection? Sorry. Maybe will be a simple solution, but I downloaded the Beta of Affinity Photo and I am new with this fabulous app. I am an old fashioned user of Amazing Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Coverter, Acorn and Pixelmator and I want to hold on all the time with Affinity Photo when I will purchase in no time ;)
  18. Hi! Maybe I have crazy ideas about the creations of colours but: Will have sense that when I create a color, the name could be something like C30 M56 Y0 K100 if I use CMYK sliders? And talking about images, I would like to have a Window for them to be able to replace a lot of images by a new one and have more information about images in this pane. I do not mean the pane will be so powerful like the future Affinity Publisher app, but a basic pane when I can see a list of all images placed in a document and I could be able to re-link them will be fantastic! But the basic question about images update is: Right now when a place an image and close the Affinity Designer document were the image is placed, if I change that image (edit colors, curves and so on in other Photo retouching app) when I open the Affinity Designer document again, the image does to update ti the last version. Thanks for your great app!!!
  19. Well. It is a basic function. Maybe in the 1.5 version? I hope so! And best tabulations: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22313-tabulated-text-in-affinity-designer/?hl=tabulated
  20. Good point. I think that is a very practical trick. Thanks a lot!! As always you are listening all time. So I am always doing evangelism about your wonderful apps. Keep on spreading the word!!! :D
  21. Wow! Thanks as always. You have the answer published here just before I ask, indeed! This forum is so good! Mac Affinity Rooooooks!!!!
  22. I would like to see in Affinity Designer the possibility to mix text and graphic elements such as polygons in the same text box. See an example in this attachment applied to a text surrounding a circle.
  23. Hi! Mmmm... I was looking for the way to apply tabulations on text, but I did not find it. So I need to adjust texts in the wrong way: using spaces to align varios words or phone numbers and so on.
  24. Ouch! I thought that the artboards must be edited in clicking on the button Document configuration at the up left of the interface... Thanks!!! P.S.: I forgot the Artboards tool in the same place that is the Move tool. Sorry. I was looking for it in various panes. The consequences that happen when you are used to work in FreeHand and Horrostrator... Ahem!
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