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  1. Useless feature, 90% of people will chose black interface. Want a grey ui? Go for inkscape! hahahaha
  2. Just a addition "The input lag of magic mouse will make you desire throw it on the wall."
  3. Pablo Petzen

    Batch Processing

    That will be very useful, any news about this feature? Also to who do not have a batch software, i recommend BIMP plugin for GIMP. http://www.alessandrofrancesconi.it/projects/bimp/ It may help until affinity batch comes.
  4. Pablo Petzen

    A few illustrations from me.....

    the penguin are great! keep working. xD penguin
  5. Pablo Petzen

    Export slices to SVG

    whats is the actual progress of this feature?
  6. How can i equally distribute my nodes spacing? At Inkscape i can select all nodes and press distribute horizontal / vertical, like objects.
  7. Pablo Petzen

    Jake the Dog

    Affinity editable file a are attached and also the image was updated.
  8. Pablo Petzen

    Jake the Dog

    Yes thats a mix of vector paint+bitmap paint and also used the 3D modifier, that helps alot to have a perfect form. Tomorrow i will post more pics of the project to explain.
  9. Pablo Petzen

    Jake the Dog

    Thanks for feedback, i think i need work a little more on it specially on the island, i also added the non post-processed image on the first page.
  10. Pablo Petzen

    Jake the Dog

    First draw in Affinity, Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. =) All done in Affinity Designer and a little of post effects in Autodesk Pixlr. Added Final version + Affinity Design File. jake.afdesign

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