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  1. Thank you! Could I also ask if it would be possible to do AD?
  2. Hi Crosby. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with Astropad too - and what pen you are using on the tablet.
  3. Octiron


    Thanks everyone for the input - and the tips! I'm going to be away for two weeks but I'll post an update when I'm back.
  4. Octiron


    Thanks for the suggestion Peter! I switched it to mixture of overlay and lighten mode blending and reduced the opacity a bit to try to bring some of the underlying texture through - an improvement I think but still a way to go. Amongst other things I'd like to be able to apply some radial chipping / scoring to the edges of the engraved lettering but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm enjoying experimenting though and I have to say that the text on a path tool is a joy to use. My imagination exceeds my skill. I can't see how to attach a file to this reply though. Maybe the morning will bring enlightenment. Edit: Silly me, needed the full editor.
  5. Made using Affinity Designer Beta. Texture tiling and engraved text on two paths. A customer asked me to make this for him. Lots of fiddling left to do, and any suggestions about how to make it look more authentic would be welcome, but I thought I'd post it as my first attempt to use the new text on a path tools. You guys rock. Thank you :-)
  6. Wait... MONDAY!? Ooooh. Anyway, thanks MattP - really looking forward to this
  7. I would find it handy to be able to set the degree of noise consistently (both within and across documents) by applying a parameter to it.
  8. Thanks for explaining. It is great to be able to have an open dialogue with you guys about your applications.
  9. Only illustrator, if I understand correctly. Personally I've mainly used photoshop and the like. Is it really hard to do this with a vector application TonyB?
  10. I'm still having trouble with this and it's starting to spoil my enjoyment of using AD. Using strokes can help, as mentioned above, but only if I make the stroke big enough to extend beyond the original boundary of the shape - and that changes the look and 'clean-ness' of the original geometry. Painting over lots of seams and creating background objects for geometry I've already carefully positioned is becoming a real pain. I could live with it if these were only 'on screen' artefacts but they aren't, they are present in the final rendered image output. Maybe AD isn't intended to be used in an environment where shapes need to be precisely aligned? *sigh* Sadly, I think I'm going to have to stop using it.
  11. Great ideas, all of which I would have found very useful over the last few days.
  12. Oooh. I know it subjective ( isn't all design :) ) but I really like that minimalistic, clean take on the logo. Nice work.
  13. Something I often use towards the end of my workflow in photoshop is the ability to lock the width and height of a marquee select to a specific ratio - e.g. 16:9, or odd things like 256:400. Then, when I drag over the image I can easily select a region of it for export with the right aspect ratio - or I can move, crop and trim to get things set up right. It would be very useful to be able to do the same in AD. I hope that makes sense.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply - late on a Sunday evening! Doing lots of manual positioning adjustments isn't what I was hoping for - but at least I know it isn't just me now! Where the objects are the same colour I've painted over the lines using the pixel based brushes, where the fills are different I'm learning to be pragmatic and either over or under-lap the geometry, as you suggested.
  15. I'm new to Affinity Designer so I hope this isn't a stupid question... No matter what I try if I align the edges of two objects (using snapping to ensure that the boundary points are positioned exactly on top of each other) I end up with a seam between the fills. I've attached an example of what I'm seeing - both in AD and in the exported images. It doesn't seem (no pun intended) to matter if I use a boundary line or not. Is this to be expected? Somehow I'd like to have a seamless transition of colour from one object to the next without having to manually overlap them. I'd really appreciate any input. Example attached. The inverted 'V' in the bottom centre of the image is a good example of the issue. AF 1.1.0, OS X 10.10
  16. Nice ideas Pinkerton. Right now just inside, outside and centered would be really handy! Good to hear that dotted lines are coming too.
  17. I'm also very happy to read that you are thinking about how to implement this. I'm currently trying to add radial marker lines to the faces of dials - and getting very bogged down in lots of tricky manual positioning.
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