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  1. I wanted to chime in that a free transform or perspective distort tool feels like basic functionality to me, and I can't accomplish of a lot of the effects I want to achieve without it. I would love if it were added for both vector and pixel elements, and could probably stop using Photoshop entirely for my design work if it were. Seeing how long people have been asking for this feature is pretty disheartening.
  2. I use the layer fill setting (not fill layers) to control the ratio of effect and layer opacity in Photoshop all the time, and I'm able to do the same things using the fill opacity setting in the lower right of the effects panel in Affinity Photo. It makes sense to put it there IMO, because it's only relevant when you have layer effects enabled, otherwise you can use simple opacity.
  3. I would love the ability to stroke a shape along it's border, but with a positive or negative offset to draw the stroke at a distance to the actual edge of the object. Much like some apps allow you to pick an inside, outside, and centered stroke, I'd like to be able to render a stroke 'well outside' and 'well inside' an object. Also, allowing for multiple strokes on the same object makes creating complex decorative borders and such much easier. Dotted/dashed strokes would be great, as well!
  4. I too want a movable anchor for rotation around an arbitrary point, accidental clicks are nowhere near as problematic as being unable to accurately rotate objects relative to each other using careful anchor placement.
  5. I'm finding that it's creating slices that are too large for other kinds of objects as well, pretty much anything with a stroke, and certain geometric shapes.
  6. Don't change the case, and don't strip out special characters like @. Until you add native support I'm trying to export @3x resources for iPhone 6+ by creating special slices, and I can't get the names to stick. IMO, second-guessing the user's intent is annoying in general, and makes your application much harder to use in this specific case.
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