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  1. TrailwayCo

    Dr. Fate - comicbook colored inked artwork

    Great job! Really nice coloring for comic book style
  2. I'm not sure what your issues would be but I know that when trying to access Vimeo from certain countries other than the United States it doesn't work.
  3. If I'm understanding your question right, all you have to do is double click on the image within the mask & it should highlight the image. Then you can resize that or do whatever you want with it. Is that what you were looking for? - QUYLT
  4. Hey guys, hope you enjoy this tutorial. It's how to make a neon sign effect in Affinity Designer. quylt.com/news/2015/9/26/tutorial-neon-sign-in-affinity-designer MOD Comment NO LONGER AVAILABLE Keep on creating! - QUYLT
  5. Hi Zuno, 1) To make straight lines you just use the Pen Tool; make a starting point, then hold down shift, move the cursor and it should be giving you a straight line from the original point. 2) To soften the lines caps, do the same thing you did in step 5. Use the corner tool & highlight the cap end points to change it. Glad you enjoyed it. - Sam for QUYLT
  6. Hey guys, created another tutorial. This one is on making a flat design, outer space badge. Hope you enjoy! - Sam (QUYLT) quylt.com/news/2015/9/13/tutorial-creating-badges-in-affinity-designer MOD Comment NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  7. This is a simple screenshot tutorial I added to my site. There should be more coming in the future. This tutorial focuses on using the corner tool, guides manager & some of my workflow. This is beginner friendly. quylt.com/news/2015/9/12/designing-a-logo-in-affinity-designer-quylt MOD Comment NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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