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  1. Can't believe this still hasn't been implemented. Back to Photoshop again (rolls eyes)
  2. just tried uninstall and reinstall from the App Store, no dice. With new doc, or any kind of doc, it crashes as soon as I select 'export'. Any ideas?
  3. Any way to set default font in Affinity Photo?
  4. Yeah, did basically this. Long-winded hacky workaround though! Come on Affinity, Designer is such a great app in many ways.
  5. Fit artboard to selection? This is a massive missing feature! +1
  6. Amazing! Thanks :) BTW, Affinity seems to ditch my SVG's ID every time I export, so I have to add it back in. Is there a way to add an ID or class to an object so it stays persistent on export?
  7. Any easy way to do this in Affinity? I'm making SVG animations but some elements 'draw' in the wrong direction. I remember I used to use a script in Illustrator, but I'm hoping I don't have to go back there!
  8. Any way I can do this in Photo? My usual Photoshop workflow - Copy image to clipboard (anywhere, e.g. web) Photoshop / new image - (presets size to clipboard size) Paste - pasted image matches size of doc perfectly. Get working!