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    No more personnalized cropping presets

    Please, disregard my post I found it into the Wheel. I fist created my own category than I save my preset into it using the contextual menu withing the wheel.
  2. Hello, I have Affinity Photo 1.7 and I can't figure it out how to save my own cropping presets. It was easy done in the previous version, but this option seems to have vanished.
  3. I am using sRGB in both cases, it does not explain why the problem is solved when I restard Affinity Photo.
  4. I would like to share an experience here and I would like to know if anybody went through that too. I noticed that if Affinity Photo was left opened and idle during the night, the next day when I start working on a Capture One file and I export it into Affinity Photo, the colors from one program to the other are not the same anymore, I mean the color into Affinity are duller losing the saturation. The only way I found to solve it until now is to close Affinity Photo and reopen it, then I export again from Capture One to Affinity Photo and the color rendition is perfectly between the two applications. I am using a iMac 27'' 2015 with the latest OS. I am using the lastest Capture One version 12.0.3 and Affinity Photo 1.6.7 I am using retina rendering into the preferences.
  5. Normally, the typographic rules are no more than 3 words breaks. These breaks really help not to have to wide white spaces between the words.
  6. I would like Affinity to add the option to be able to scale the glyphs into the Justification palette. This option can be pretty useful when someone is using some justified texts, flush on both side, because it will help to get better white spaces between the words in some difficult situation, as an example with narrow colomns of text. I am sharing with you here some specs I was using with success into some publications, see the joined picture where I placed (in blue) within Affinity Publisher's Justification palette the option I would like to be added. You can see a sample too of a document I created with these specs many years ago. In this sample page the width of the column if not too narrow, but more problems may occurs with the white spaces between the words where someone is using narrow columns where the text is justified, this latter is where the option of scaling the glyphs may come really handy.
  7. I noticed that when you want to create a new document into Affinity Publisher that there is no option to create a bloc zone. This option is important to me, because when I am doing a three-folds folder or more, I want to place my folder's marks inside the bloc zone. As an example, I use to put a bleed of 3.125 mm, plus a bloc zone of 12,7 mm over it. As an example, I saw some design where the folder marks were not perpendicular to get irregular and angled folds, in such a case, it is important to be able to have a bloc zone where to place these folders marks. That said, if Affinity Publisher will eventually integrate an option for the bloc zone, then we should have to an option to include too this bloc zone within the dialogue boxes at the PDF creation time.