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  1. Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.964; Affinity Publisher When importing styles from another document, if you click on an identified style the dialog will show you the Incoming and Document version for that style. The problem is when the style definition overflows the text box, you can not see what the difference is! Either "highlight" the actual differences, or provide a scrollbar to allow us to see what the differences are please.
  2. Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.964; Affinity Publisher I have a line of text which ends in a em dash (added with three dashes, auto-converted to em) followed by a close-quote. Lines are "justified left". Optical alignment is on, and quotes are set at 100%. The problem is, the close-quote is pushed to the next line, all by its lonesome! I reproduced it with a dummy sentence just to test, and it is reproducible. I would expect it to either break before the [think] or to leave the quote in the optical alignment space off the right. Is this indeed a bug? I know I can m
  3. OK, the final solution is for blocks like poetry/song, where alignment of the character is more important, to simply remove ALL alpha characters from the alignment, and simply leave the punctuation (on the left, anyway). After some fiddling, I found out the "rationale" behind the wonky column of Ws. The first line's quotation marks are indeed treated as 100% left, as in not optically aligned. The side-effect of this is that the very next character, the first W, is aligned perfectly with the assigned indent. The visual disparity comes from the following lines also having W, which ARE being
  4. As a programmer, I can say it is because that is the maximum value of an integer (INT32) I'll try your suggestion on removing the W, it sounds logical.
  5. Interesting. This may be an interaction with the letter W and T. Here is a quotation from two different sections. In the first, everything works as planned. In the second, the alignment is off again.
  6. Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.964; Affinity Publisher I am trying to do something that seems very straightforward, but I am hitting a wall that might be a bug. Below you see text with a "quotation" paragraph style applied. Each line is a separate "paragraph", and two lines are indented even further. No problems there. The problem is with the "optical alignment" and the quotation mark. I clicked "add" below to show the values being used. My desire is for all the letters W to be perfectly aligned, and to have the quotation mark floating on the left. I assumed that having
  7. Let me add a +1 to this. Perhaps a concrete example would be clearer. You have a series of linked frames containing the text to a novel. The flow starts at Chapter1 for a few pages, then continues with Chapter2, then eventually Chapter 3, etc. But say you want to (manually) split at the chapters. You put your cursor at the beginning of Chapter2, hit the magic button. You should now be left with a series of frames containing Chapter1 (all linked together), followed by a series of frames starting at Chapter2 and continuing to Chapter 3, etc. You would manually repeat the proc
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