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  1. Hi, Can you please add a new feature to rename the name layer with a hotkey in Affinity Designer/Photo? Maybe cmd + r/ctrl + r; or at least give an option to assign hotkey for this operation Thank you!
  2. yes, but if we will talk about creating a new layer and giving a name right away then will speed up process a lot from my perspective
  3. yes there is no problems with that but why there is no option just to select the layer and press on ctrl + r (cmd + r) to rename layer without clicking on it + in photoshop you can do that by making your own hotkey + sketch cmd + r + figma cmd + r or ctrl + r I think the absence of this simple feature making affinity designer less effective for me for example, I've 100+ layers and I always giving proper names to my layers, then I should select and click 100+100 times instead of just select layer press on a hotkey and start renaming and plus I don't like the icon for grouped layers why there is play/carret icon instead of folder icon?
  4. mostly i'm working with hotkeys clicking and only after getting the renaming field... that is tooo long, at least for me you already answered on that question
  5. Hi Mates, Is there anyway to rename the layer/layers with a hotkey? Tried to search in hotkey config but I didn't find any renaming option in Layer keys. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Just noticed, when you trying to change UI gamma it's not working if you didn't opened or created new document, so changes applies only when document is opened/created.
  7. Same issue here 1) Windows 10 Corporate LTSB 2) Intel Core i7 3770K 3) Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 4) Dr. Web antivirus/firewall
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