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  1. If using the vector fill tool on a single closed path or multiple selected closed paths with no overlaps and no fill assigned to these shapes (as in screenshot) Designer crashes. This does not occur if the shapes are overlapping. I'm using the latest beta (1742) on Windows 10 22H2, MS Surface Pro 6.
  2. You don't need to use this method with Blender, just type AffinityPhoto2.exe in the box. Don't try to browse to the .exe. Not sure if you can do this with 3dCoat as I don't have it. HTH
  3. Actually, you can just type/paste the full install path in the address bar of File Explorer and it will show the files with no complaints, no need to turn on show hidden files, not that this will be that useful to you. What you can't do is double click and enter the WindowsApp folder without Windows complaining about it. You can get the install path by opening a Windows Powershell and entering 'Get-AppxPackage -Name *AffinityDesigner*', without the quotes. Change Designer to Photo or Publisher for those Apps. There is a huge amount of misconception on this forum about what msix actually is.
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